Equinox September 2019 – Turning the Corner

equinoxFor this Equinox, we have our third and final Jupiter square Neptune transit. This is marking a major shift in the energy of 2019. First in January, and then again in June, these planets came into square. And now, for the 3rd pass, we are invited to get the ‘message’ of 2019. Which may be revealed over the next two weeks, as these planets complete their dance.

It’s time to turn the corner, and the stars are leading the way. Join me for a ‘Soul Group Session’, a group Intuitive Session to support the activation of these powerful times we live, as we examine shared past life energies. Equinox Soul Group Session, Sunday, Sept. 22, 2pm MDT. $20. Sign up here!

With Jupiter and Neptune both in their home signs, it’s a spiritual activation into our deeper truth. And at the same time, highlighting all false beliefs and programming that have been in the way. These planets want to help us reclaim a life of purpose in an increasingly materially minded world.

This transit separates out those who are here for soul and spiritual growth, from those who may continue to choose the materialistic misery timeline. Are you on or off the ship?

 Perhaps this Jupiter square Neptune activation has been preparing us for the next chapter. Saturn turns direct on the 18th, beginning the 2020 Astrology. As it moves closer into conjunction with change-maker Pluto, all of our structures are up for review, including our mental constructs. It’s time to breakdown the old, in order to make room for what is more true. But first we have to find what that is. Jupiter in square to Neptune has been trying to show us.

Saturn is close to the South Node for the next couple of weeks. It’s like we are teetering on the edge of the past and the future, one day breaking down the old and the next day trying to build something new.

Mercury and Venus, now in Libra, come into a T-square with Saturn and the Nodes of the Moon for this Equinox. This is a Cardinal T-square which means it’s time to get going on starting something new. What ever that is, it has got to be more friendly and in alignment with our true soul essence, and with the inner feminine honored and intact.

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