​EMPOWERMENT MASTERCLASS SERIES – Are you ready to support others with your true gifts?  Would you like to be a life coach, counselor, intuitive healer or support person? EMPOWERMENT MASTERCLASS SERIES is the core level preparation anyone needs for a career in helping others. For first, you must help yourself heal and activate before you can help others access their potential. The EMPOWERMENT MASTERCLASS SERIES is a class series designed to help you take back your power and activate your true gifts. You will learn to access more of your light and true potential. EMPOWERMENT MASTERCLASS SERIES is the best preparation to move into a healing or Empowerment profession. Learn to hold your energetic space and how to exercise healthy psychic boundaries. Learn to identify different energies and how they may be affecting you.

The first class of this series – LANDING HOME – will be Sat. April 21st, 12 noon MST.
REPLAY is immediately available if you can’t make the live class or for continued viewing. $20. Click here to sign up!


In this class we will explore issues of the 1st, or root chakra. Are you ready to come into your body, into this Earth realm, to fully arrive in your life? Sensitive souls and lightworkers often have trouble fully incarnating into a physical body on planet Earth. Forging a true connection with the living, breathing Mother Earth can help us activate and calibrate our lower chakras and feel safe to be our true self. In order to have boundaries and to get on your true path, you must first own your own psychic space. Ancestral, societal, and past life conditioning may be affecting your permission to fully express yourself in this life. This class is designed to help you claim your spiritual autonomy and your right to exist as who you really are, in a body, on planet Earth.

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