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 Is it time to get started on what you really want to create in this life?

EMPOWERMENT COACHING is about helping you create real results in your life.

Coaching offers tools, support and accountability to get you focused on your path.


Are you ready to move your life? EMPOWERMENT COACHING is here to help you take action in according to your deepest truth.

What is in the way of you living your bigger life?

If you are ready to take charge of your life and align with your higher truth, create real time, real life results, EMPOWERMENT COACHING is for you.

What is getting in the way of your THRIVING?

EMPOWERMENT COACHING Sessions are designed to help identify and clear blocks through Intuitive Past-Life support.

EMPOWERMENT COACHING will help you focus and come into what really matters by getting in touch with your ever evolving personal value system. This can help qualify every decision you make, bring peace, and keeping your life heading in the best direction.

Astrology transits are how the configuration of the planets in the sky are interacting with your birth chart. EMPOWERMENT COACHING can help you make the most of current energies, and understand exactly how they are affecting you.

Intuitive suggestions and homework help you feel supported between EMPOWERMENT COACHING Sessions. Compassionate, neutral observations provide spiritual encouragement. The universe has your back! Accountability helps you stay focused and on track. You are not alone on the journey!

EMPOWERMENT COACHING Sessions will close with a short, personal guided meditation channeled just for you. Meditation will be recorded as something to help you ground, focus, and re-align, when you need it, in-between sessions.


To schedule, click on the payment button below, or contact Adrienne directly at adrienne@adrienneelise.com

Single Coaching Session – $125

Monthly Sessions – One Session a Month for 3 Months = 3 Sessions – $300 (save $75!)

Bi-weekly Sessions – Two Sessions a Month for 2 Months = 4 Sessions  – $380 (save $120!)

Weekly Sessions – Four Sessions a Month for 2 Months = 8 Sessions  –  $720 (save $280!!)

Get on track with your most amazing life!!woman in air

The purpose of Coaching is the feeling of ‘the Universe has your back’. Two people’s intention is infinitely stronger than one person alone. Intuitive perspective helps to see beyond issues and blocks. Working together, step by step…

EMPOWERMENT COACHING is a community. You are not alone! A thriving community is your greatest teacher. Purchase an EMPOWERMENT COACHING Session to gain access to private Facebook group ‘EMPOWERING EACH OTHER’.

Intuitive perspective, life visioning and past-life clearings help to move forward in your life. Understanding your personal Astrological planetary transits, help you to understand how you are being affected by current energies and how to make the most of this time!

EMPOWERMENT COACHING is here to help you move forward in life, to catalyze actual real life change. Coaching offers support for shifting and an accountability buddy to help you stay on track.

Distilling your true inner values helps in decision making and confidence in taking action.

It’s momentum. It’s the feeling of being on your path…


Adrienne Elise, founder of INTUITIVE EMPOWERMENT INSTITUTE, is a professional Intuitive Healer, Teacher and Astrologer. 2o years of spiritual research and dedication to helping others in their Awakening path has led to the development of EMPOWERMENT COACHING. Adrienne has completed over four years of Psychic Training with MT Center for Psychic Studies and Intuitive Way. She is a Classical Homeopath with a Practitioner Diploma from The School of Homeopathy, Devon UK. Adrienne is a Waldorf-Trained Teacher trained at the Eugene Waldorf Teacher Training. She completed CranioSacral Therapy I and II with Upledger Institute, as well as Quantum Lightweaving Masterclass with Kenji Kumara.

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