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Pisces New Moon – An Epic Transition – March 6, 2019


Mercury turns retrograde at 29 degrees Pisces the day before this New Moon. Mercury’s retrograde is going to make sure we have a massive shift of perspective, as it backtracks through the sign of Pisces. We are being asked to dramatically re-evaluate our perception of reality.

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Venus has been on quite a journey in Capricorn, coming up on Saturn, then Pluto, and now in square to Uranus. The Goddess is weighing in on the revolution and saying we can’t go forward without some justice for the feminine.

Venus moved into Aquarius on March 1st. The dis-empowered parts of us are trying to break from the past patterns to find a new way forward. The asteroid Goddess Pallas Athene is coming into square with the nodes of the Moon, speaking of justice, diplomacy and non-violent solutions. We can stand up for ourselves with the power of compassion.

This New Moon happens just as the epic transition of Uranus into the sign of Taurus. There’s new energies landing on the Earth, its beautiful, but disruptive. It’s going to take some major adjustments to let the new come in.

Mercury is in sextile to Venus as it turns retrograde, saying there are creative solutions available in this big breakdown of reality. A brand new perspective that we can’t quite get a grip on, is trying to come in. The spiritual revolution is coming home to Earth in real ways. It is time for our physical reality to reflect this new world, and our true energetic nature, and the Goddess leads the way.

Virgo Full Moon – A Time for Purification

virgo goddessMercury has moved into the sign of Pisces and the Sun is soon to follow, on the day of this Full Moon at 0 degrees Pisces, on February 19th. On the very same day, Chiron moves into the sign of Aries, marking a new 8 year chapter.

Mars is ready to catapult into the New Age, in conjunction with Uranus, at the last degree of Aries. We will be feeling this combustible energy of possibility, the future, and new information, leading up to this Full Moon.

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Mercury will take a retrograde on March 6th at 29 degrees Pisces, the infamous degree that Chiron has been lurking, deep in the mysteries of the past. Mercury enters it’s retrograde shadow on the day of this Full Moon, marking the beginning of a journey into these mysteries.

The next couple of months are sure to bring a shifting perspective as Mercury makes numerous transits with Neptune, Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter, all the major players of 2019.  Wow! Mercury is pinging all over the place, trying to get a handle on our current reality, in relationship to stories of the past. Sparks will be flying in the mental sphere as new possibilities are trying to be born out of the primordial waters of our imagination, as helped by Saturn in Sextile to Neptune.

The Aquarius Age is waiting for us, but there are still some messes from the past in our way. This Full Moon at 0 degrees Virgo, says there is no better time to clean it up, especially as Chiron and Uranus both prepare to do their generational shift into new signs.

Venus in Capricorn comes up on Saturn just before this Full Moon and then with Pluto, just after. The ‘clean up’ involves empowering the feminine, in all of us.

Aquarius New Moon & Chinese New Year – Year of the Pig

new-moon-mountainNew Moons always mark new beginnings, but this one specifically speaks to the year ahead. We move into Chinese New Year on Feb. 5th, the day after this New Moon, which is infused with cosmic messages about how to work with the energy of 2019.

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Mercury, the Sun and the Moon stand together in Aquarius. We are getting some perspective on the New Age that is trying to be born. These planets are in Sextile to Jupiter in Sagittarius. We are sooo much bigger than we seem. We are Galactic travelers on a mission. Oh, did you forget? I know it’s been a lot of lifetimes of not really getting anywhere on the quest, but nonetheless, it is time to get back on board with the journey.

We are heading into the incredibly potent astrology of 2020 and we only have one more year to prepare. 2019 is not a year to sit back and let the world go by. We must be active participants, working with this energy, to land a whole new reality in the years ahead.

Saturn is in Sextile with Neptune, urging us to tap in to the magic and work to make our dreams come true. This is an important energy of this whole year. You will feel better when you continue to take small steps, like a mountain goat up a steep hill, towards your goals. Hard work pays off with Saturn home in Capricorn in the abundant Year of the Pig.pigs fly

Don’t lose sight of the bigger you and your bigger quest, even if you have no idea what that might be. Keep your eyes on the north star that is your higher self. It is a time to be deliberate and act with intention.

Mars in square with Pluto at the time of this New Moon brings frustration at things not changing and moving the way we want. This is likely to be an energy that can sneak up on us throughout the year. But it is our task to bring our attention back to our bigger, wider self, and trust the process. We have one foot in the old world and one in the new. It’s not comfy. That is because we are entering the gamechanging energy of the 2020 Astrology. Shit is about to get real, so we better pay attention.

Leading up to this New Moon, Venus crosses over the Galactic Center of destiny before coming into exact square with Chiron at 29 degrees Pisces. Empowerment comes when we can align with our bigger truth and refuse to be defined by the traumatic stories of our past. We are so much more than that!

Chiron moves out of Pisces and into Aries this month. It’s time to walk away from all of the wounds that have been holding us back, and work our way forward into our most amazing future.

Gaia Update: Total Lunar Eclipse – Jan. 21, 2019 – Breaking Free

Full+Moon+Lunar+EclipseLets come together and amplify our healing and resonance. Eclipses are portals of change. We are moving into a New World. Oh wait, we ARE the new world. It’s all hands on deck during this potent time of transition.

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There’s some powerful energy going on as we head into this Total Lunar Eclipse. Both the Sun and Mercury are in Capricorn, coming up to first Saturn, and then Pluto, speaking to the potent upcoming Astrology of 2020.

This is a changing of the guard. These planets in earthy Capricorn means it’s time to seriously adjust our physical world. We are in the midst of profound changes trying to happen to our reality. It’s making this Eclipse Season feel particularly weird.

The Full Moon Eclipse happens at 0 degrees Leo, telling us that the cornerstone to this process of changing our world, is a new chapter in expressing our true light. Just who do we think we are? This is the question we must address before these massive global changes can take place.

Leading up to this Eclipse, is a sweet message from Venus in Sagittarius in trine to Mars at home in Aries. We can work together and see across the line. It’s time to realize we all want the same thing in the end. We will no longer fall for the ‘divide and conquer’ agenda. After five times meeting in tension aspects in 2018, these planets are saying it is time to make peace with the enemy and see through the chaos to the other side of the story.

We are feeling an intense square, that happens three times this year, between Jupiter home in Sagittarius and Neptune home in Pisces. It’s a showdown, and everything you thought you knew as truth is up for review. In mutable signs, this square is a call to adjust our thinking, beliefs and delusions.

This Total Eclipse means that the Sun and the Moon are close to the Nodes of the Moon, which mean they are also in square to Uranus, at the end of Aries. This Square, that we have been feeling since September, is amplified now that Uranus has turned direct, and the Sun and the Moon are involved. We are moving into New Beginnings, and the old structures must, and will, have to fall.

Gaia Update: Solstice December 2018 – COMING TOGETHER

solstice earthSolstice is always a very special time of year, but this year, especially. We are feeling the shift out of the retrograde energies of 2018, and preparing for something new. This Solstice happens less than one day before the Full Moon at 0 degrees Cancer. This is highlighting the shift of the Nodes of the Moon into Cancer and Capricorn, and leads us into the Eclipse season of January 2019.

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Eclipses give us pause, a moment to inner reflect. Things are covered, and then revealed. Eclipses are moments out of time, and opportunities for powerful realizations and energetic reset.

There is a partial Solar Eclipse on January 5th, and a Total Lunar Eclipse on January 20th. This starts the new year off with a bang, telling us that 2019 will be much different energy than 2018.

All planets are now direct, except Uranus, who turns direct on January 6th, the day after the first Eclipse of 2019. In the second half of December, Venus, Saturn and then Mercury all come out of their retrograde shadow. We are now free to move. All planets will be direct for the first two months of the new year. It is finally time to leap ahead.

We are feeling the third and final conjunction of Mercury and Jupiter in Sagittarius bringing a connection to the bigger picture. We are coming to an understanding of what has been happening, in this wildly internally rearranging 2018, as well as a glimpse of what might be ahead.

This powerful moment, at the exact time of the Solstice, is an awesome opportunity to come together, at this merging of the old and new, reset our vibration to the new energies, together. I hope you can join me!

Gaia Update: Sagittarius New Moon – New Horizons – Dec. 7, 2018

quest sagittariusThis New Moon happens at 15 degrees Sagittarius, right in the middle. It has an energy of supporting us in claiming back our joy, the quest, and our spiritual inspiration. We are coming out of dark times and are really feeling it with Mercury and Venus back in Scorpio. Mercury turns direct on the same day as this New Moon, moving back into Sagittarius on the 12th. Chiron turns direct on Sunday the 9th, leaving us with all planets direct except for Uranus. It’s finally time to move.

But to move forward into the light, we must face the shadows of darkness that have been holding us back. These have been coming up big time, all year, but especially in the last few months of so much Scorpio energy. Chiron turning direct, soon to be heading out of Pisces for good, says it is time to leave our woundedness behind. This Sagittarius New Moon is helping us to break free from these chains of the past and set out on a new journey, of new horizons.

Gaia Update: Gemini Full Moon – A Fresh Start – Nov. 22/23rd, 2018

This Full Moon happens at 0 degrees Gemini, just as the Sun enters Sagittarius. It is time for a fresh start. So much is shifting. Jupiter has returned home to Sagittarius, and the Nodes of the Moon are settled into Cancer/Capricorn.

On Friday the 16th, Venus turned Direct, just as Mercury began a retrograde.Mercury is helping us make sense of this 2018, year of adjustment, and retrograde season. Mercury, in square with Neptune as it turned retrograde, will continue on to a powerful, inspiring conjunction with the Sun and Jupiter on the 27th. We are sorting through the rubble of the Venus retrograde and trying to wade through the confusion, so we can make sense of what is really going on.

Mars is in Pisces, finishing up a square with Jupiter. It’s time to rise above the painful stories of the past and find a new zest for life. It is a great time to meditate, dream, and vision the new year and new chapter that lies ahead.

Scorpio New Moon – Deep Dive – November 7th, 2018

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The wheel of time is turning in profound ways, even though it may feel like we are not moving at all. The Grand Fixed Cross is turning Cardinal. As the Grand Cross continues through this New Moon, each of the players are shifting signs. Venus, in retrograde, is first to move, on November 1st, back into the sign of Libra. This can bring a little ‘breather’ of lighter energy amidst all of this Scorpio intensity.

Uranus returns to the sign of Aries on the day of this New Moon, remaining in square to the nodes of the Moon, as they shift signs to Cancer and Capricorn. All of these elements move together, but the planets involved are moving backwards! Are we moving forward, or are we stuck, locked into place? One thing for sure, Uranus, the awakener, is rattling our cage of limiting beliefs, saying it is time to start something new.

Chiron, back in Pisces, brings in some heavy energy from the past, but in trine to Jupiter, it is supporting deep psychic healing. Venus comes into a sweet trine with Mars for this New Moon. Harmony is available within, when we can clear the shadows and lies hidden in our psyche. We are on a quest for deeper meaning and connection, as this Scorpio energy takes us on a deep, investigative, dive within.

Taurus Full Moon: Something Brand New – October 24, 2018

bull-landscape-nature-mammal-139399This Full Moon happens at 1 degree Taurus, right next to Uranus. Uranus has been spending the last weeks in a T-Square with the Nodes of the Moon, representing the past and the future. We are at a crossroads, and these early degrees of Fixed signs, speak to the beginning of something brand new.

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We are on the brink of a new manifested paradigm, a new reality. Venus retrograde is giving pause, though, asking us to reevaluate our self-worth as we begin to move into the future. New timelines are trying to land, but in order for that to happen, we need to know we deserve it.

This T-square with Uranus and the Moon’s nodes has been a grand Fixed Cross, in September with Venus, and in October with Mercury. Now Venus is coming into it’s second opposition with change-maker Uranus, just as the Sun passes this exact point. There are potent messages for us here. We must clear our psyche of any shadowy programming and beliefs around our self worth. It’s not fun, but we can’t move forward without this detour deep into the depths, to find what is holding us back.

Libra New Moon – A Time for Integration – October 8, 2018

libra2Just after this New Moon in Libra, the Moon, and then the Sun, come into a square with Pluto. Pluto has recently turned direct. We are looking at the structures of our lives that are no longer working. The very fabric of our reality is shifting.

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Venus, turning retrograde on Friday, October 5th, is allowing us to re-evaluate our life according to our deepest desires and truths. With Venus retrograding back into Libra, it will be relationships that give us the biggest opportunity to see what is hidden in the depth of our psyche, that may need to be revealed.

Near this Full Moon, Venus comes into it’s 4th square with Mars of 2018. The part of our selves that want one thing are wrestling with the part of our selves that wants something else. If you pay attention, this time can be a great time of healing and integration of our deepest inner selves.