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Pisces New Moon Solar Eclipse ~ March 8th/9th 2016

pisces eclipse

Solar Eclipses happen when the Moon passes through the Moon’s Nodes at a New Moon. This Eclipse is high drama because of the major planetary players hanging out near the nodes. The Moon and the Sun and Chiron are in Pisces near the S. Node of past karma. We are learning a lot about what no longer serves us from our past. Mercury joins the party in Pisces on March 6th, bringing forward this quest for understanding and release of the past.

For the last few months, Jupiter has been hanging out with the North Node, across the way in Virgo. Our way forward, the expansion into our future, has to do with the Virgo art of cleaning up, analyzing and the power of discrimination.  With all these planets together in Pisces including Chiron, the spotlight is on cleaning up the wounds of the past.

This Eclipse is also a Super Moon, meaning the moon is at its closest it will come to Earth during this cycle. There is powerful energy here, an opportunity to step out of the ill-fitting reality of the past age, to re-examine and re-define our past wounds, and figure out what they can do for us now. The placement of Chiron in our birth chart denotes the energy of our deepest wounds, but also the gift that comes in the healing of it. Chiron represents both our deepest wounds and greatest healing potential. In Pisces we are looking at our collective woundedness.

Chiron represents the fight and the battle that you can never win. It is time to stop wallowing and decide to get out of the victim loop of wounded dis-empowerment. The only way to win is to exit the battle and enter into communication with the Source within. Attention is attraction and so our life can change dramatically when we can put our attention on our inner power and stillness, rather than continuing to identify in ourselves with the false constructs around us that keep creating so much pain. Sometimes our desire to fix and heal just puts more attention on the wound and it continues to fester. When we can uproot Chiron, and put our attention on the magical healing potential of Source energy within us, then the healing can really begin.

Pisces energy offers a great opportunity to collect with the One-ness consciousness, to feel held as a part of the greater whole. Our society is fragmented but there is one force behind everything. Our lives are fragmented, but there is one Truth behind it all, our never-ending, unchanging cosmic Self. We are all seeking for this and yet it has been there all along, hidden and cloaked from us. But the apocalypse has come and it is time for our Virgin Re-Birth.

The sign of Virgo the Virgin, opposing this New Moon, has been associated with the concept of apocalypse.  The true meaning of apocalypse is ‘removing the veil.’ The Virgo energy of 2016 is offering us a Virgin birth into a future unburdened by the heavy concepts of this world that have taken hold in our false, materialistic, ego mind. Pisces is a time to feel the power of God consciousness within. This eclipse in particular, is an opportunity to feel our connection to everything and and let go of our concepts of some false authority outside of ourselves that we need to pray to, or pay tax to, in order to receive the blessings of this world.

This is the great illusion of the Piscean Age, that there is some outside authority that doles out blessings according to what we have sacrificed, burdened or earned through struggle. This belief system is falling away, as one by one, we wake up to the Cosmic Truth within, that has always been there and will always be there. When we can receive the support of the Universe in this way, we can use this powerful Eclipse to ‘jump’ into our most appropriate timeline, and jump out of the these old, too small outfit of conformity and conditioning, and jump into a most satisfying life. It’s time for our world, and our individual lives, to represent more of the Truth of who we really are. We are cosmic beings wearing a human body, for a time. And this Eclipse offers a perfect time to align with, and  move effortlessly into a life that more accurately reflects this Truth.

Join me for a Live Webinar Activation to make the most of this powerful Eclipse. We will focus on aligning with the universe within, and shifting to our most appropriate timeline. What would it feel like to have all parts of your life glow with this blessing within? Lets find out. I look forward to journeying with you.


Adrienne Elise is an Intuitive Healer and Teacher, as well as a Classical Homeopath. Find out more about individual aura readings with Adrienne or IEI’s INTUITIVE INTENSIVE Certificate Course at

2015 Astrology ~ Humanity Empowered

The January 4th Full Moon forms a T-Square with our major generational game changers that you keep hearing about, Pluto and Uranus. This is significant because we sit between the last exact square (#6 December 14, 2014), and the next and last exact square (#7 March 16th, 2015) of these planets. These big time players stay less than a degree apart over a four month period, separating only as Pluto goes retrograde on April 17th, 2015.

The Universe wants to make sure we got the message on this one. Uranus the awakener, planet of lightning-fast change and sudden disruption, is in the sign of Aries, the self. Pluto, the destroyer and planet of core truth is in the sign Capricorn, which is about authority and structures. These big slow-moving generational planets in a 90 degree angle to each other, meeting seven times over four years, mean business.  If you did not yet get the message that it is time to let go of the structures of your life that are no longer serving you, now you will. This can be an unsettling time, but also a very exciting time. This whole year is marked by a lot of fire and earth energy.  It is time for the Earth and her inhabitants to begin to activate and no one is left unaffected.

It was a conjunction of these planets that was said to bring on the social changes of the late 60’s. But it is important to note that these changes didn’t really start showing up until the planets began to separate.  They are so big and so slow moving that the effects are felt much after the actual events.  In April these planets begin to separate out of this square for good.  So now the fun can begin.  Humanity, is it finally time to start seeing the oh-so needed dramatic changes in our world that many of us have been asking for? How can we expect the systems of our world to dissolve, crash and rebuild into something new, if we are not willing to let this happen in our own individual lives?fault line

If you have resisted major changes in your life up until now, you are sure to get a taste of that medicine before the end of 2015.  A great thing is that this year we have a lot of support for these changes to be timely, harmonious and come with increased clarity and internal understanding. This is a welcome shift from the feeling that many of us have had over the last few years…like standing there powerless as we watch our lives fall apart before our eyes.the tower

The late 60’s was a revolutionary time.  People were standing up for social justice and truth, hallmarks of the sign of Aquarius, which Uranus rules. We saw demonstrations and a push-back of violence from the structures, whose practices were being brought to light. Uranus in Aries, the sign of the self and identity, makes this revolution one that must happen within each of us individually. The revolution we are seeking is an inner revolution.

The Full Moon on January 4th is in Cancer, opposite the Sun in Capricorn, sitting right next to Pluto. The T-square is formed in Cardinal signs, the ‘starters’ or ‘instigators’, telling us that 2015 is more than just a new year, it is the beginning of a New Era.

The asteroid Vesta will also be near the Sun and Pluto in Capricorn making the January 4th Full Moon a dramatic entry into 2015.  Vesta represents our sacred fire within.  She is about focus, dedication and commitment. She burns in us. She is our deepest inner-most desires, what we long for. She is dedicated to purpose and passion. Vesta urges us to activate our creativity to keep our inner fire alive.  2015 is prime time to get going on rearranging our lives to support expression of our sacred, creative inner fire. The inner revolution is a creative activation and exactly what we need to take back our world.  vesta

Another asteroid, Pallas Athene, will be close to Saturn in the first degrees of Sagittarius at the time of the Full Moon. Pallas Athene is a strong-willed Goddess of wisdom, willing to act on her own devices. She is known as a warrior, but also for her art of diplomacy. It is quite a positive omen having Pallas Athene hanging out with Saturn ruler of Capricorn, which represents issues of authority, in Sagittarius, our sign of expansive thinking and spiritual understanding. 2015 brings us an opportunity for each of us to come into a new personal, spiritual authority. 

Pallas Athene goes on to square up with Neptune in Pisces on January 10th, bringing empowerment to the weak-willed part of all of us. We can save our planet when the feminine creative aspect within each of us is willing to ‘get some balls’. Pallas Athene brings healing integration of a past based on duality. Pallas is helping us to understand and heal the wounds of the past age of Pisces. We are being called to move forward in a new definition of authority.  Pallas Athene is a perfect guardian for the entry into 2015 and the Aquarian Age and brings forward one of the major themes of 2015, balancing of sexual polarity and the integration of masculine and feminine, . She, like Aquarius, stands for social justice and defends wisdom and truth. She speaks of the potential to unify opposing forces and represents an ability to take responsibility for creating one’s own experiences. It is time for humanity to take responsibility for what we have created in order to move beyond judgment and into the Aquarian Age of self governed authority.  Pallas_Athena_by_Humisect

This theme of harmonizing opposing forces is also represented by three conjunctions of Venus and Mars over the course of 2015. The first conjunction of our ‘female’ and ‘male’ planets happens on the magical day of 2/22 at 0 degrees Aries, the first sign of the zodiac. Everywhere the stars are saying that 2015 is a new beginning, a new cycle of potential empowerment. It is the end of the ‘battle of the sexes’.battle of the sexes

A few days later Mars and Venus both trine Saturn, who recently moved into Sagittarius. The last two years of Saturn in Scorpio made great work of the delving into and cleaning up our shadow. These planets harmoniously trine Saturn on the same day that the Sun crosses over Neptune at home in Pisces, representing our collective consciousness. Now the shadow work comes to the collective. We must create a new identity in our collective consciousness by waking up from the illusion of separation and harmonizing the opposing forces within. sex_battle

The conflict of this world is held in place by opposing forces.  What happens when these forces decide to make peace, becoming opposites without opposition, a sacred marriage? The three conjunctions of Mars and Venus in 2015 are telling us that it is time for Mommy and Daddy to heal their differences. It is time for the feminine to lose it’s alliance with the victim archetype and for the masculine to chill out and start talking about his emotions. 2015 is a year of the Empowered Warrior Goddess and the Compassionate Divine Masculine to have a big party and lead our world into wisdom and transformation. The leveling of this playing field indicates that we are ready to move into an entirely new level of consciousness, timed perfectly with our entrance into the Aquarian Age.male female krishna shakti

Mercury is helping us to gather more information about this transition, as it retrogrades in Aquarius from January 22 (there’s that number again!) to February 12, passing over the Sun in Aquarius at the end of the month. The retrograde allows Mercury to linger in Aquarius for over two months until it moves into Pisces on March 13th.  Just before it turns retrograde, it stations close to the Sun and the Moon and Venus, all in Aquarius.  It’s like a council, a gathering of the minds to figure out what in the heck this wacky Aquarian energy is all about. Venus and Mercury cross over each other on January 12th but stay close together until the 17th. This cycle is helping us understand more about how to move forward in this new age.  Mercury the ‘messenger’ returns to it’s pre-retrograde position on March 4th. This and a bunch of other stuff happening in the next few months is sure to bring a ‘spring’ to our step this Spring. spring in step

There is a powerful trine between Jupiter and Uranus this year which happens for the first time on March 3rd, and again on June 22nd (22!!). This aspect is said to bring forward energy of breakthroughs, serendipity and magic. This will put a sweet, clarifying light on the changes that may be demanded of us as a result of our inner revolution and Vesta’s impulse of clarity of what we really want. Because these are big, slow moving planets, we will be feeling this influence for about a month between February 20th to mid-March, and again from early June until early July.

In May, asteroid Juno conjuncts Jupiter in Leo. Juno represents the essence of true partners of equality. Are you getting the theme for 2015? We are seeing it over and over again. What happens when empowered individuals and leaders start working together in harmonious partnerships? There is great potential for us to begin to see positive change on the planet this year. Juno is trusting and willing to honor and support others, to accept the truth of others, representing mutual support and unconditional love.

There is also a rare and powerful formation called a ‘Yod’ that will also be influencing us during this time. This is formed by a Sextile (60 degree) angle between Chiron and Pluto, both making an interesting angle to Jupiter in Leo, pulling against them on the other side of the wheel. This will also happen again in September. The relationship between these planets in this Yod or ‘finger of God’ formation speaks to a deep urging to complete the intense, transformative process that has been triggered by the astrology of the past couple of years. We have been preparing the ground, and now it is time for the Initiation.

This is punctuated by some powerful squares between Neptune, ruler of Pisces in Pisces and Saturn, our planet of karma and duty. We are being asked to take the good of the Piscean Age, our awareness of the collective consciousness, and leave the bad, the domineering controlling religious and political forces that have kept us in conflict, guilt, poverty, martyr and despair. Both Chiron, the wounded healer, also in Pisces, and Neptune, turn retrograde less than two weeks from each other in June for most of the rest of the year, offering a healing examination of the past so we can better reorient ourselves towards the future.chiron victim

Saturn and Neptune come within 2 degrees of each other in February, but don’t make an exact aspect until November.  We will be feeling this influence from February 10th through the 18th, a powerful lead up to Chinese New Year on February 19th, Uranus trine Jupiter, and the activating Yod.  Add in the Pluto Uranus exact square on March 16th ,a Total Solar Eclipse on March 20th, as well as a Total Lunar Eclipse on April 4th and this Spring is looking quite exciting!

The Spring 2015 Eclipse cycle won’t be complete until the New Moon on April 18th, the day after Pluto goes retrograde, beginning the separation of Pluto and Uranus out of the Square. The period of time between early February until the end of April 2015 is particularly activating. Pay attention to intuitive nudges and look for synchronistic guidance! Take advantage of this powerful time by being willing to surrender to the changes in your outer life that your inner revolution is now demanding.

February 19, 2015 marks Chinese New Year where we move from the Year of the Horse into the Year of the Sheep. Sheep, you say? Sheeple, does that mean? It could…that is what we must decide.  Are we going to stand up in our own creatively activated individual authority and take back our planet, together as a herd, or are we going to continue to be sleeping sheeple? There is a rise in abortions in China during the year of the Sheep. It is said to be the least desired sign to be born under in the Chinese zodiac. Those born in the Year of the Sheep are said to be unlucky, passive, and prone to unhappiness and failed relationships. They are followers, not leaders.sheep goat

Except so many planets in 2015 are dancing on the Aquarius-Leo Axis of empowered leadership. This influence is calling our inspired spiritual leaders to the world stage, and each of us into greater personal authority. This is a huge theme of 2015, especially highlighted by Mars in Aquarius opposing Jupiter in Leo on January 1. It is time for expansive action and confident expression from our true leaders. And lets be clear this is not referring to the jokers that our ruling our world right now.

The Yod is another factor pulling our powerful, innovative thinking leaders out of the shadows and onto the stage. We will be feeling this from early February until mid-March and then again in September. This is an aspect about surrendering to the power of the divine. It is an activating force for our spiritual teachers, healers and leaders. In order for you guys (you know who you are) to step into the limelight and into your power, the activating energy and clarification of this Yod is necessary. Pluto in Capricorn and Chiron in Pisces sandwich Aquarius across from Jupiter in Leo asking ‘Who will lead us into the Aquarian Age?’,  ‘Who will help guide us in becoming our own empowered authority?’you spiritual leader

It is time to drop any stigmas or issues around being a spiritual healer or teacher out on the big stage in the bright of day, something that was not really welcomed in the Piscean Age. We need let go of all of those painful lifetimes of persecution, get over the fear of being seen for who we really are, and be willing to step into our path of destiny.  Chiron is getting redefined in 2015 as humanity collectively moves into release of the victim mentality, from wounded-healer to already-healed-empowered-leader healer. Humanity needs its compassionate, intuitive healers and teachers to step up to the plate…to come forward and lead the way in this re-imagination of our collective consciousness.

Venus is a big player in this leadership axis, spending most of the summer in activating Leo from 6/6 to October 9th.  This is because of it’s retrograde cycle from July 26th to September 7th. Venus retrogrades can be troubling or enlightening, depending where they fall in your chart, bringing up past relationship hurts that can either empower you or bring you down. This looks like it should be a good one in the fiery male sign of Leo, (along with the Sun for the end of July and Aug), we can take what we have learned from past relationships and use it to empower us in our personal identity and give us confidence in moving forward.

Venus moving direct and stationing in Virgo and then Libra, two signs that love her, coupled with the harmonious conjunctions with Mars, make the Fall a great time for ‘hooking up’ or getting more serious in current relationships.The Venus retrograde will help you be sure of what you want in a relationship and have the confidence to ‘go for it’, being open to commit in a new way. The Venus retrograde is what allows for the 2nd and 3rd conjunctions of our male and female planets. Mars and Venus come together again on September 1 and November 1. 1+1=2. Remember the first one happens on 2/22…. “Mars and Venus…sitting in a tree…” I’m sure you remember the rest of the rhyme….sittinginatree

Although Year of the Sheep people may be seen as weak, this intensive four month Pluto Uranus last hurrah, two total eclipses and the activating Yod won’t really let us remain sleeping sheeple. But we are not looking at violent revolution either. The Year of Sheep is known as one of peace and harmony.The sweet dance between Venus and Mars and the Jupiter trine Uranus are also indicators of a harmonious year ahead. Can this be a peaceful revolution?peaceful revolution

Science has proven that we are all One. Eventually we must start to embody this truth. If we are particles of creation, we therefore, within us, have access to creation power. There is not really energy towards continued war and violence.  It is simply going out of style.  All those wars, conflict and violence that are brewing may fizzle out as we begin to see ourselves as part of an interconnected whole. When we realize we are all One, and collectively start feeling what each other feel, it will no longer be fashionable to kill each other.flock of sheep

We just have to be awakened sheep, using the mass consciousness and available technology to create swift peaceful change for the better, instead of asleep sheeple who continue to go along with this massive fiasco of a reality. Aquarius is the sign of the strong, quirky, expressive individual, but also represents an awareness of the social collective.  It is a sign of innovation and technology for the greater good. Uranus, the ruling planet of Aquarius, was discovered around the same time as electricity, representing the power that we can’t see, but can use, and so we know exists. The incredible God-power that lies latent in each of us? We can’t see that with our eyes either. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t there. It would take only one of us coming into our true power for this game of deception that we have been living to be up…for good. We are free energy. personal power

We are having an opportunity for an evolution revolution. This particular year is the Year of the Green Wooden Sheep. Wood represents the strength that it takes for a new shoot to push up out of the ground. We have the potential in 2015 to be empowered into a new future. The social justice we are called to stand for in our lives is in our very own self. The revolution that is called for is Aquarian-style…personal empowerment that spreads like a computer virus through the internet, spiritually awakening many, one at a time. This is the year for us to stand up together as a herd, realizing our individual God-power. This is the year to take back our Earth and begin building a new world.

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Adrienne Elise is an Intuitive Healer and Visionary offering support for shifting through Astrological updates, Intuitive Courses, and Individual Healing Sessions. As a trained Psychic and Classical Homeopath, Adrienne offers highly effective tools to assist in healing and spiritual growth. Adrienne is a trained Waldorf Teacher, Singer/Songwriter and Creator of PORTAL Music Festival, Montana’s Transformational Festival.

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Synopsis of major events in beginning of 2015:

Jan. 4 Full Moon T-Square

Jan. 20 New Moon in Capricorn

Jan. 22 Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius

Feb.  3 Full Moon in Leo

Early Feb. to mid-March Yod with Chiron, Pluto and Jupiter

Feb. 10-18 feeling Saturn Square Neptune influence

Feb. 12 Mercury goes direct

Feb. 18 New Moon in Aquarius

Feb. 19 Chinese New Year~Year of the Green Wood Sheep

Feb. 20-Mid-March feeling Jupiter Trine Uranus influence

Feb. 22 Mars conjunct Venus

Mar. 4 Mercury returns to pre-retrograde position

Mar. 5 Full Moon in Virgo, opposite Chiron

Mar. 16 Uranus Square Pluto exact

Mar. 20 Total Solar Eclipse, Pisces New Moon

Apr. 4 Total Lunar Eclipse, Full Moon in Libra

Apr. 9 Jupiter turns direct (Rx since 12/8/14)

Apr. 17 Pluto Retrograde-Pluto and Uranus begin to separate from square

Apr. 18 New Moon in Aries, completion of Eclipse cycle

November 22nd Sagittarius New Moon ~ A Fresh New Start

Well we have really been feeling the tide of change.  And over the last couple of weeks, for many of us that has specifically meant a tide of emotions.  With all those planets in Scorpio, we have been plunged into the depths of our deepest inner psyche.  This has been completely amplified in the last week as Neptune, retrograde since June, went direct on Nov. 15th. Neptune is placed strong in it’s home sign of Pisces and represents our collective consciousness, spiritual seeking and desire to merge.whirlpool

This shift caused the watery energy of the mysterious dank basement of Scorpio to turn into a sudden whirlpool of emotions. Neptune direct is stirring the pot and asking us where we find meaning in our lives. What is the point of all of this anyway? This was punctuated by Venus, our planet of love and harmony coming into square with Neptune on Thursday, Nov. 20th. What do you love? Why is there not more room to give deeper reverence and respect to that in your life?  If you found yourself in an emotional mess on the floor in this last week, that would be totally normal. Neptune direct has activated the collective experience of the karmic emotional healing we are having in this (oh so fun) time. We are all feeling it!emotional messThe energy is shifting big time this weekend as the Sun joins Venus in Sagittarius. We are having an opportunity to come up for air. Scorpio is the sign of our deepest depths and subconscious self, but also our sign of personal power.  Huh. Looks like we don’t get to take our power back unless we clean up our inner mess. This process has been going on for the last two years with Saturn in Scorpio, but we have been really been getting cooked in the stew of our own making in the last couple of weeks as most of us have been experiencing a ‘bloom’ of our core issues.  Add to this the intense energies of ascension that have been coming to the planet from the Sun, and the steam rises from the swirling whirlpool of our shit that has been hidden in the basement.solar_flares

We are getting super activated and this is making it incredibly difficult to be content in the status quo.  This can bring an uncomfortable feeling of deep discontent.  This is a good thing, really. These new energies from the Sun can bring weird symptoms around sleep, emotions, and ability to deal with the regular everyday mundane existence.  Drink lots of water and rest up. Make sure to take plenty of time to yourself to process all that is happening on deep emotional levels as well as other levels that we may not be consciously aware.

From our journey to the depths, under all those layers, it is quite possible that we may have uncovered a deep desire for a life with more meaning.  The astrology of the last few years has been slowly carving us into who we really are. The result is deep unrest and a desire for change.  Well, the desire, strength and impetus for change usually comes after first getting pretty darn uncomfortable where you we are at.  This is the stew of our own making, lifetimes of karma coming back to bite us in the ass…or put a fire under our butt! This may be especially true under the influence of Mars our fighter, action planet located in the steady worker bee sigh of Capricorn.

All this is happening, not just to hassle us, but to give us an opportunity we can’t resist to move into a life that is more fulfilling. You will feel better when you get out of resistance and take small daily steps toward the positive changes you want to see in your life.  The Universe is ready and waiting to assist us in creating our new world, as soon as we get our heads out of our ass and step up to the co-creation plate. Co-creators are not wounded victims, so we are being forced to clean up our act.

This is an incredibly important time.  We can this New Moon and Sun in Sagittarius to gain perspective that can support us in the upcoming month of intense astrology. Use the energy of this weekend to allow yourself to do what Sagittarius does best, to step back and see the big picture, the reason why. Look back on the path to see how far you have come.  birds eye view

Use this birds-eye view to build strength to face the last stretch of 2014 because 2015 is looking very different. We are preparing for take-off.  Do you have a seat belt? Because for those of us who have been facing the darker territories of ourselves, our inner dank basement, the gravity of life will be feeling lighter as we move into 2015.  The hard work will pay off, or at least we will more easily be able to see and feel why in the heck we’ve been going through what we have been going through and that it very well could be incredibly worth the journey.birds eye new earth

This Sagittarius New Moon foreshadows the themes of 2015:  ‘Humanity, how hard does shifting need to be? How addicted are we to pain, struggle and trauma?  Is pain and resistance absolutely necessary for us to learn and grow, or can we find a more harmonious way?’  And the other theme… ‘Oh, I am seeing the possibility that perhaps my life could be better than I could have ever imagined!’. Tap into the energy of this powerful New Moon in Sagittarius to get a visionary glimpse of what 2015 could bring for you. Stationing at 0 degrees Sagittarius, just hours after the Sun goes into Sagittarius, this New Moon holds strong energy of possibility…a ‘fresh new start’.

Join me for a FREE New Moon Activation Call, 4pm MST this Friday, November 21st. (The New Moon happens exact at 5:32am MST on Nov. 22nd).

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Adrienne Elise is an Intuitive Healer and Teacher and New Earth Visionary.  As a trained Psychic and Classical Homeopathy, Adrienne offers healing techniques and tools through individual work and class offerings. Adrienne is creator of PORTAL Music Festival, Montana’s Transformational Festival, happening  at the time of the ‘Lion’s Gateway’ July 31-Aug 2, 2015 in Lolo Hot Springs, Montana.

November 2014 ~ There’s a Rock in My Shoe

Wow what an amazing October!  I’m not sure if I have ever seen such bright yellow colored leaves, perhaps touched as we all were by the fiery inspiration of the Grand Fire Trine of the first part of the month. Updates and realizations are slowly percolating into focus, set free by the October Mercury Retrograde and two Eclipses.autum

Mercury stationed direct on October 25th and one day later, Mars, our go-getter planet, moved into the sign of Capricorn. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, our other task-master planet.  Capricorn likes to get work done, do real things in real life, and cross them off the list.  Now is the time to tap into the inspiration and information gained in October and actually do something about it. Mars in Capricorn urges us to bring it down to earth, stop fantasizing and manifest it into reality. Less ‘talk’, more ‘walk’…

After the power-packed astrology of October, November starts slow and steady with the Sun, Venus and Saturn all in Scorpio, but no major planetary aspects from the end of October until the Full Moon on the 6th which may leave us feeling a little ‘void of course’ or confused as to which direction to go.  Time to take a deep breath, assimilate and adjust to what just happened to us.  We are in a major culmination and completion of cycles, last week, last month, the last two years, last two decades… We are having an opportunity to finally figure out what this is all about.

We are going to be really feeling this ‘culmination’ energy on the Nov. 6th Full Moon, which completes the Eclipse cycle.  This Taurus Full Moon forms a harmonious trine with Mars in Capricorn. Taurus, an Earth sign like Capricorn, is also about manifesting. This Full Moon illuminates practical steps to bringing into reality your desired dreams and visions that were ignited or re-ignited by October’s Fire Trine. It is time to take action on your dreams and visions.  This Full Moon shows us the way.

For the next month, if we can be quiet, stop, be patient enough to let the waters quiet while we gaze into the pool of emotional knowing, we can find direction to start building our future one step at a time, plodding along like a Mountain Goat up a mountain. Mars in Capricorn is focused on one step after the other and the accumulation of small, continued accomplishments. Conversely, though, all these planets in Scorpio may make you want to just laze around. These opposing energies could lead to feelings of impatience and irritability, but just remember…step by step, one foot in front of the other.Edition of 1000 Printed:

Mercury joins these planets in Scorpio on November 8th, returning to it’s pre-retrograde 2 degrees Scorpio on the 9th, representing huge opportunities for completion and clarity.  It’s time to put that Scorpio watery intensity to use, and wash away whatever is old and in the way. Clean out your cupboards and closets, attics and ghosts.  That little rock in your shoe that you have been just shifting around, hoping falls out all by itself?  Take off your shoe, take off your sock and shake it out.  Better yet, wash your feet. Dissolve all of it away. Get rid off all of the rocks and pokey things and even the little barely uncomfortable fuzz balls.rock in my shoe

It is time to find everywhere within you that there is a little, compressed rock of forgotten stuff that is beginning to give you a blister. November 2014 is about taking the time to take a break, sit down, take off the shoe and release it all while at the same time cleaning out your refrigerator.  That stuff has been cooled down and stored away, but that doesn’t mean it won’t rot eventually. This Scorpio time is our best friend in dissolving away those forgotten and suppressed issues. Forgiveness for self and others is key. This is especially true and supported in the first half of November while Venus is in Scorpio.

On November 10th-12th, Mars triggers the Pluto-Uranus Square, the next ‘exact’ of which happens on the 12th of December.  We are already feeling it and will be for the next few months…or years.  What dissolution of what structure of your life is next to cross off the list?  This astrology may finally make short work of it.

There is a major shift of energy this month as Neptune, retrograde since the beginning of June, turns direct on November 15th.  At home in Pisces, Neptune going direct may bring out our desire to explore our spiritual side.  Add in Mars in Capricorn, and this aspect shows itself in seeking the spiritual in a practical step by step way. We are becoming more comfortable in these uncomfortable consciousness shifts, and getting down to the practical work of it.  Venus asks us where the divine feminine comes into our spiritual seeking as she squares Neptune a few days after it goes direct.  It is a great time to commit to a daily spiritual practice that is quiet and receptive, like meditation or yoga.neptune

There is a great window of potential productivity from November 15th, when Neptune goes direct, to December 8th when Jupiter goes retrograde.  We begin to move back into fiery energy beginning on November 16th when Venus moves into Sagittarius. The Sun follows into Sagittarius on Nov. 22nd, the same day as the New Moon in Sagittarius.  This alignment confirms that we are indeed approaching a new era and brings opportunity for new starts, fresh directions, new steps.

Mercury joins the party in Sag on the 27th. All of these planets cross over Old Man Saturn in Scorpio before they leave the sign. This is for-shadowing Saturn’s completion of it’s two years in Scorpio.  This astrology is hinting that the energy of the future is going to be very different than the last couple of years. Saturn makes this shift, in true dramatic fashion, a few days after the Winter Solstice at the very end of the year.  The focus of our karmic work turns from the energy of Scorpio, our deepest inner mysteries, to the energy of Sagittarius, our most out there dreams. We must make the most of this mysterious shadow sided work for the remaining part of the year. Now is the time to shed that skin to make room for the new.

shed skin

On the day of the Sagittarius New Moon, Nov. 22nd, Mercury’s enlightenment comes into square with Jupiter in Leo. Jupiter, the expansive dreamer and ruler of Sagittarius, is loving it’s placement in expressive Leo. It is bringing the needed confidence to take those practical steps toward your goals. Mercury square Jupiter is asking us what we need to understand more to be able to dream bigger.

A few days later, Mercury, the winged messenger, connects up with Saturn in Scorpio on November 25th.  Look out for Ahh-haa moments that shed light on the whole of 2014.  Here we are in November.  What just happened? And where is the horse? Is it in or out of the race? Is there a race?  Your horse may be feeling a bit exhausted and want to chill out, eat some grass, and take some extended time to meditate about it all before launching into the next phase of the eating grass

It is time to make some use of all of the karmic healing and hellish times we have been through in the last couple of years.  Time to put some umph in the process and start climbing that mountain to the life of your dreams that you caught a glimmer of from behind the clouds with the help of the fiery summer and October’s fire trine.  Something up there reflects the light, it is calling to you, it is time to head up the mountain. It’s a reflection of you, and your divine gifts, demanding to be recovered from the rubble of your life. Feel better by everyday doing something toward what you really want in your life. Don’t worry about how its gonna play out or how far you need to go, you cannot see clearly the top of the mountain from your current perspective.  But you can see the next step ahead, so just start.

Adrienne Elise is an Intuitive Healer and Classical Homeopath. She is available for individual readings ( and homeopathy consultations ( Adrienne also offers courses to assist in awakening, ‘Landing Your Soul Purpose’ and ‘ABUNDANT Woman’ as well as Intuitive Training. She is creator of PORTAL Music Festival, A Transformational Festival, happening in Lolo Hot Springs, Montana, Jul 31-Aug. 2nd, 2015. (


An Extra Halloween-y Halloween ~ Into the Depths…and Out the Other Side

This Thursday, October 23, 2014, marks a huge energy shift as the Sun, the Moon, and Venus simultaneously move into the sign of Scorpio, where they line up for the New Moon, Solar Eclipse.  We have been getting excited and activated and really into our heads about all of it with the enormously powerful Grand Fire Trine that lasted most of the first half of October.  But now, we are plunging from the fiery, airy heights of inspiration and vision, into the depths… Scorpio, the most complex of water signs.  Scorpio is about looking over the edge into the un-trodden regions of our deepest psyche, our internal hidden watery ocean of primordial subconscious.watery depths

Scorpio has been in the spotlight, with Saturn transversing this sign since October 2012. Old Man Saturn represents the ‘work’ of it, where we are putting our attention, where we are working out our karma.  Well that happens to have been in Scorpio, the deepest most mysterious hidden landscape of our self, for the last couple years.  We have been invited to avoid avoiding any aspect of ourselves that we have not been able to face. (Halloween Costume: Something that represents what within you that scares you the most!)scary halloween

We are in a culmination period of the last couple of years of Astrology. So this is an opportunity, for this Eclipse and into the end of the year, to make sure we have cleaned up our muck.  Eclipses and Mercury Retrograde both bring to light information that has been hidden. It all starts to make sense….or does it?  Sometimes the more you know, the more you know you don’t know. The Universe is supporting us in clearing our subconscious programming, beliefs, and past pain with a dramatic, scene change this week as we move into maybe one of the most Halloween-y Halloween seasons in a while. Doo-doo-doo-doo….can’t you hear the theme of the Twilight Zone? Things are getting weird up in here.

The intense astrology of the rest of this month is creating an eerie type of rift in our dimensional reality. Precisely at the time when the veil to other worlds is most thin.  It has the energy of a wormhole, or like for Alice, a Rabbit Hole. Lets just say this should be a really fun Halloween if you are into the holiday.  The thing about a wormhole or a portal is that where you end up on the other side is different from where you started. That is the definition.  Why go into a wormhole and come back to the same place? The purpose is to travel somewhere new and different.mysterious roadSo where will you wake up Nov. 1? That remains to be seen.  There are many dimensional realities at work in the presence of wormholes.  This is represented in our reality as things that are ‘strange’.  This can refer to revealing of deep meaning and understanding or simple magical synchronicities, gifts to validate our path and urge us to keep paying attention. Wormhole destination: Your Ultimate Life.

So keep your eye on the prize, the gift of a more satisfying life as a result of inner clearing. Don’t forget the lofty perspective of the beginning of October while you are plunging to the strange and mysterious watery depths of self.  Remember this existence is an illusory movie, so sit back and be entertained, while being aware of your own and other people’s emotional sensitivity.  It is hard sometimes to look in the mirror…when we see the depths of such a big pool reflected back at us.

It all starts when the Moon crosses over Mercury Retrograde in Libra on Wednesday afternoon, October 22nd.  On Thursday morning, Venus, the Sun and the Moon move into Scorpio. The New Moon Solar Eclipse happens Thursday at 3:57pm Mountain Time.  We will already be feeling Mercury getting ready to station direct two days later on the 25th. This strange time will last at least until Mercury returns to 2 degrees Scorpio on November 9th, if not for the rest of the year.  November and December are marked with the 6th Uranus/Pluto exact square, the defining Astrology of our time.  Looking into the pool shows us how to harmonize the dramatic redefining of self and the breakdown and dissolution of structures which has been gaining momentum since the first Square of these planets in June, 2012.underwater woman

We are making a dramatic plunge into the depths. But it’s not so scary as before. We are kind of getting used to it with Saturn in Scorpio for the last two years.  And there is a sense that there is something more, deeper, about ourselves that we have yet come to know.  It’s the feeling that there is some point to all of this. It is growing wisdom. So dive deep!  It is the only way to come out the other side.  Who knows where you will end up or what your life will look like when you get there?

By fully reaching for, calling home, assimilating and folding into us our shadow, wounded self, we create an unshakable wholeness.  Not a fragile ego, scared of showing any vulnerability that struggles and wastes precious energy trying to hold up a faded veneer.  When we can integrate our darkest, scary sea monster hiding in the depths, the murky waters clear because there is no longer anything to hide.

So starting with Wednesday this week, be mindful, gentle and caring with yourself and others.  Let the tears flow.  Let Venus in Scorpio help you to love your shadow. Let the primordial waters take you back to the womb to be born again.  Into the depths… a wormhole passage may seem narrow and dark, but you know that you are heading somewhere, that there is another side, a place to come out into the light, a whole new world, a whole new life ahead of you. Through the wormhole and out the other side….

wormhole with light

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Adrienne Elise is an Intuitive Healer and Classical Homeopath. She is available for individual readings ( and homeopathy consultations ( Adrienne also offers courses to assist in awakening, ‘Landing Your Soul Purpose’ and ‘ABUNDANT Woman’ as well as Intuitive Training. She is creator of PORTAL Music Festival happening in Lolo Hot Springs, Montana, Jul 31-Aug. 2nd, 2015. (