Capricorn Full Moon – The Grand Play

full-moon-capricornThis Full Moon is happening right next to Saturn in Capricorn, across the zodiac from the Sun in Cancer. This is bringing to light the upcoming astrology of 2020 when Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto conjunct in Capricorn.

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We are looking at issues around our spiritual sovereignty and how to create a fair and equitable world. 2020 is the changing of the guard, when we have a huge opportunity to take back our planet and create the world we want.

This Full Moon is urging us to examine where we have given our power away, so we can claim our own spiritual autonomy. Saturn shows us what is in the way of fair, cosmic laws working in our life, and what is in the way of our true path. 2020 is when humanity’s hard work over many evolutions can begin to pay off. This Full Moon is a glimpse into the roles we each may play in this grand play that is the spiritual evolution of life on planet Earth.
But Mars turning retrograde is asking us, do we know, for sure, if we are heading in the right direction? This can bring some feelings of frustration. Is all of our hard work and focused energy for nothing? It is an ego death of grand proportions. It is only a false sense of ourselves that we are losing, built on conditioning and programming. We cling to what we know. We are removing layers of false identity that are no longer serving. There could bring feelings of being lost and confused, but this is a good thing! We are dropping baggage that has been weighing us down, so we can see who we really are, and move forward, on our true path, in the most effective way. 

Venus in Leo makes a square with Jupiter in Scorpio, leading up to this Full Moon. The shadows we carry in our subconscious are keeping us from shining our light. There is great energy for these hidden mysteries to be revealed, healed and released, as Jupiter begins to station direct in early July.

Mercury is bringing information about what needs to change in the structures of our life, as it opposes Pluto before this Full Moon, and then squares Uranus after. The energy can feel suspended, as Mars turns retrograde,. But really there is a TON happening behind the scenes, in our psyche, and in the collective subconscious. 

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