Cancer Solar Eclipse – Holding Down the Fort

holding the earthWe are having a huge opportunity to make this world what we want it to be. Lightworkers, the time you came for is now. You are an important anchor of new energies. We must hold down the fort and claim our own reality of hope and a nurturing world.

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With the Sun and Moon opposing Pluto, for this Solar Eclipse, we are coming up against the hard truth about the structures that are no longer serving us. In fact, most systems in this world are part of a control paradigm and are in great dis-service  to the truth of humanity as compassionate beings. It is time to claim our true spiritual freedom and autonomy.

This is why the world ‘appears’ to be in shambles. The old has to be broken down, dismantled and discarded, in order for a new paradigm to emerge. We are really feeling this as we approach the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer on July 12th. All structures of our lives, individual and collective, are up for review.

Jupiter in Scorpio turning direct on the 10th will bring light to the shadows. Shit is really weird and crazy, but if you stop and pay attention you will see that hidden agendas are being revealed, and the truth is shining through.

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