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Mercury Retrograde November 2019 – Into the Tunnel

water tunnel vortexMercury takes an intense and meaningful retrograde in Scorpio Nov. 1-Nov. 20. It’s a powerful pause before we move headlong into the 2020 Astrology.

In mysterious Scorpio, this feels like we are stepping out of time. But maybe that is what we need to do to cleanse, heal and recalibrate before the big year ahead.

Mercury starts this retrograde in conjunction with Venus, saying that this deep dive is about cleaning up our relationship to the feminine. Mercury is trying to make sense of, and bring completion to, the incredibly potent Venus retrograde in Scorpio that happened last year at this time.

Mercury makes three sweet trines with Neptune in this retrograde cycle, bringing harmonious support for our inner process. A sense of connection to something greater is necessary for what lies ahead. It’s time to go within and connect up with our spiritual power. The current energy is great for meditation and visualization, the perfect time to re-commit to your spiritual emotional self-care practices. The universe is telling us that our spiritual well-being and self-care is the most important thing in preparing for the year ahead.

During this retrograde, we will be feeling the third and final 2019 transit of Saturn in sextile with Saturn, bringing helpful solutions and supportive energies to our spiritual transformation.
Just after this retrograde, when Mercury is still in it’s shadow, Venus comes together with Jupiter for an epic display of destiny as they cross over the Galactic Center. The divine feminine is returning and she is ready to run with her new found empowerment.

The third and final Mercury trine Neptune transit happens on Thanksgiving day. A big message for what this time is about. It’s time to hunker down, gather our resources, and appreciate all we have as we fortify for the 2020 storm ahead.

Mercury turns direct in as it comes into trine with the North Node of the Moon, pointing us towards the future. Perhaps it could be more harmonious than we can imagine, once we get through the intensity. It’s a time to go within and activate our dreams and visions, because the time to move ahead, with leaps and bounds, will soon be arriving.

Mercury comes out of it’s retrograde shadow on Dec. 8th, after which we should have greater clarity and focus as we ride out the end of the intense year of 2019 and prepare for what’s coming in 2020.

Scorpio New Moon – Phoenix Rising – October 27th, 2019

phoenix scorpioThis New Moon in Scorpio happens in square to Uranus in Taurus. This is about revealing what might be hiding in the shadows, that is keeping us from embracing new energies on Earth.

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Mars, a ruler of Scorpio, is in square to Saturn and the Nodes of the Moon. A New Moon is about new beginnings, but Mars in this square is showing us what is in the way of moving forward. And in Scorpio, this might be about owning our power.

Mercury is turning retrograde on Nov. 1st. We are feeling the energy slow down, and linger in mysterious Scorpio. It’s time to look into uncomfortable areas, deep in our subconscious, which need to be rooted out, before we can do anything else. With Venus hanging out there with Mercury, much of this is about our relationship to the feminine. It’s time to clear all shame.

Scorpio has been associated with the phoenix. For this New Moon, our psyche is speaking to us and saying ‘enough is enough’. It’s getting to be too much for these sensitive souls to continue to carry this collective psychic pain. We have got to figure out what contracts and beliefs are keeping us here. Using our Mars will power, and Scorpio bravery we can look deep within, face the darkness, and break free, into the new paradigm.

Saturn in sextile to Neptune is saying that a new world is awaiting, if we can face the truth and cleanse this shadow. Together, we can rise above this old paradigm, and entertain something entirely new.

Aries Full Moon – Be Who You Really Are – October 13, 2019

aries phoenixThis Full Moon in Aries will cross over Chiron the wounded healer, before opposing the Sun and Mars in Libra. Mars is facing it’s home sign with Chiron in Aries. We are facing where we have not been able to be who we really are.

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Venus in Scorpio is opposing Uranus in Taurus. Uranus is disruptive to stuck patterns and in this case, self-worth is on the table. Venus is facing negative feelings and programming that may keep us in low self-worth.

Do you feel worthy to be who you really are? Sometimes souls are so traumatized in this and past lives, they have ended up deeply suppressing the truth of who they are, to the point that they wouldn’t even recognize it. And yet feelings of emptiness and loss remain.

Perhaps those traumas can serve to validate the power of who you are, says Mars in opposition to Chiron. Venus and Mercury in Scorpio are asking us to drop the stories of victim and become empowered. Chiron in Aries says go ahead, get up and fight for your right to be who you really are.

Mercury is in a sweet trine with the North Node of the Moon, saying, despite the lies and delusions, we can do this! It is time to face the darkness so we can move forward out of the shadow, to a life where we feel more safe to be who we really are.

The back drop of Saturn in sextile to Neptune is trying to bring us creative solutions, but first we must claim our true, pure identity, dropping all the old stories, before we can create something new.

Libra New Moon – Harmonizing the Shift – Sept. 28th, 2019

Libra lady justiceThe Sun in Libra is squaring up with Chiron, the wounded healer, in Aries. We are trying to heal from where ever we have compensated our truth by living lies, in order to survive. We have been pretending, for far too long, that we are not who we really are.

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This Libra New Moon is a fresh new start in truth, love, relationships, especially our relationship to our self, beauty and justice. But Saturn and the nodes speak of past unresolved karma that make be keeping us from this harmony within.

This Astrology is a culmination of the 2019 energies, a year of identity crisis and ego death. It is time to birth a new identity, which is more true to who we really are. This, is peace and justice within.

As Mercury and Venus come out of square with Saturn and the Nodes, they move right into square with Pluto in Capricorn. This is highlighting the 2020 Astrology, when Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto all come together.

Pluto wants to break down old worn out structures. With the Sun and Chiron in play, we are talking about inner structures, like our constructs of our psyche and personality. With this Libra New Moon, we are being given a grand opportunity to let go of the past false stories, and uncover the gifts of who we really are.

Equinox September 2019 – Turning the Corner

equinoxFor this Equinox, we have our third and final Jupiter square Neptune transit. This is marking a major shift in the energy of 2019. First in January, and then again in June, these planets came into square. And now, for the 3rd pass, we are invited to get the ‘message’ of 2019. Which may be revealed over the next two weeks, as these planets complete their dance.

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With Jupiter and Neptune both in their home signs, it’s a spiritual activation into our deeper truth. And at the same time, highlighting all false beliefs and programming that have been in the way. These planets want to help us reclaim a life of purpose in an increasingly materially minded world.

This transit separates out those who are here for soul and spiritual growth, from those who may continue to choose the materialistic misery timeline. Are you on or off the ship?

 Perhaps this Jupiter square Neptune activation has been preparing us for the next chapter. Saturn turns direct on the 18th, beginning the 2020 Astrology. As it moves closer into conjunction with change-maker Pluto, all of our structures are up for review, including our mental constructs. It’s time to breakdown the old, in order to make room for what is more true. But first we have to find what that is. Jupiter in square to Neptune has been trying to show us.

Saturn is close to the South Node for the next couple of weeks. It’s like we are teetering on the edge of the past and the future, one day breaking down the old and the next day trying to build something new.

Mercury and Venus, now in Libra, come into a T-square with Saturn and the Nodes of the Moon for this Equinox. This is a Cardinal T-square which means it’s time to get going on starting something new. What ever that is, it has got to be more friendly and in alignment with our true soul essence, and with the inner feminine honored and intact.

Pisces Full Moon – Harvest – Sept. 14, 2019

pisces full moon 2This Full Moon happens very close to Neptune, at home in Pisces. It has been a showdown between Jupiter, home in Sagittarius, in a powerful square with Neptune, that we have been feeling all year. Just after this Full Moon, these planets come into their third and final square, making this lunation a powerful culmination of energies.

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All of our personal planets in Virgo have been weighing in on this square, making a dynamic, ever-changing T-square for the first half of September. Mutable signs are about adjusting, and indeed it looks like we are trying to come down to Earth after reeling from this year’s Astrology.

Looks like we better get our act together, by healing and adjusting to these new energies, because a few days after this Full Moon, Saturn turns direct, moving headlong into it’s potent 2020 conjunction with change-maker Pluto. It is time to hunker down and get serious about our work here. With Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune all in their home signs, it’s time to come home to who we really are, and land on planet Earth. It’s time to harvest our inner gifts and get to work. This Pisces Full Moon is a powerful opportunity to leave the limiting past programming behind, and be ready to move into the future.

Virgo New Moon – Threshold – August 30th, 2019

virgo demeter

For most of August, the Sun and Venus have been very close. As they begin to separate, the Sun comes into a conjunction with Mars. Mars and Venus are together leading up to this New Moon, speaking to an opportunity to rebirth into greater wholeness within.

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With these planets coming together and catching up to the Sun, we are trying to integrate the Mars and Venus retrogrades that happened last July through December, 2018.

It’s a council, between the opposites within. The topic is how to come home into our heart, to peacefully integrate the most divergent parts of our self. Can we heal our feminine and masculine within, and arguing voices, to be able to become more whole in peace and happiness? It’s a sacred marriage within, overseen by Virgo the Virgin, birthing us, through the threshold, and into the other side.

What is on the other side? Everything is pointing to getting on our true path. This New Moon starts an intense couple of weeks of the personal planets each taking their turn to square up with Jupiter, and oppose Neptune. This Mutable T-Square energy is saying we must adjust our belief systems in order to allow ourselves to connect with our passionate path. We have to examine and release programming and patterns that are keeping us from that life of meaning.

It’s a showdown in the sky. We have an upcoming dynamic expression of all that argues with this true path and life of purpose. For the Equinox, Jupiter and Neptune come into their exact square together. Everything that is in the way to our renewed life of meaning, is sure to show itself in a definitive way.

Jupiter is heading towards the Galactic Center point of destiny in November, before leaving it’s home of Sagittarius in December. We’ve got a few more months to get back on the quest, and the dance of the planets in September are making sure we get the message.

Aquarius Full Moon – Portal to A New Age – August 15, 2019

helix nebula aquarius

This Full Moon happens at 22 degrees Aquarius. ’22’ is a ‘master builder’ number, speaking to building something entirely new. This is a potent message from the Universe that we are now officially entering the Aquarian Age.

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There is a big shift of energy just a few days before this Full Moon. Mercury, after that long and confusing retrograde, will return to the sign of Leo on August 11th, the same day that Jupiter in Sagittarius turns direct. It’s getting hot, with six planets in Fire signs. This is more fire energy than we have felt in the last year and a half. We are being pushed into the light.

During this Full Moon, we are feeling Mercury, now finally back in Leo, come into trine with Chiron, and a square with Uranus. This is a completion of energy that started around the Solstice, when Mercury came close to this square with Uranus, just before turning retrograde. It’s time to get some clarity about this intense astrological journey of 2019. The light is illuminating exactly what has been holding us back from moving in to the new energies.

Neptune is coming back into an exact trine with the North Node of the Moon. It is time to move out of the dark ages of the Piscean Age and clear all programming and false beliefs that may be keeping us from imagining something new.

With Jupiter turning direct, the Universe is saying it is time to reconnect to the Source within, and reclaim a life of meaning and purpose. Jupiter is heading directly to a conjunction with the Galactic Center, highlighting our individual and collective paths of destiny, come November.

With all these planets in Leo, we are looking back to 2017 and most of last year, when the North Node of the Moon was in Leo. We are just now figuring out what this might mean for us. It is time to claim our inner light and let it shine. This is how we move into the brand New Aquarian Age.

Leo New Moon – Turn Your Light On! – July 31st, 2019

sun-lightThis Leo New Moon is quite a marker, happening just an hour away from Mercury turning direct. Mercury will continue to be in the sign of Cancer until August 11th, but it now begins a race towards the light. First, it has to make it’s third and final sojourn through the end degrees of Cancer, but there is light at the end of the tunnel.

It’s a pretty powerful message that this New Moon in Leo happens at 11:11pm Eastern Time in the US. 11:11 represents a gateway into the new. In Leo, perhaps this is a portal into a whole new chapter with a whole new identity, both individually, and collectively.

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With the Sun, Moon, Venus and Mars all in Leo, as well as Chiron and Jupiter also in fire signs, it’s heating up. And we are all in the hot seat. Coming out of this Mercury Retrograde, it is a time for all of us to re-evaluate all parts our life and adjust ourselves to what is most true in our heart and soul.

Leo wants to love and open our heart, but first we must heal the disconnect and pain from past failed intimacy. Can we come back into connection? There is great support for this leading up to this New Moon with Mars in trine to Jupiter. We’ve got to reconnect to our heart and essential truth, in order to get back on the quest, and open to the love that is now showering down from the Universe.

Hope is returning and clarity is on the way. It’s been a deep journey into the most vulnerable places, with this Mercury retrograde and Eclipse Season. But now the tide is turning, and inspiration is returning.

The Sun is in square to Uranus for this New Moon. This is telling us that if we are not feeling the juice of life returning, it may be because we are still in denial of the truth of who we really are. For most of us this truth has been deeply suppressed. But claiming it back is the goal of this epic journey. We are having a huge opportunity to get back in the flow, receive support, and claim back our spiritual quest.

With Uranus involved, there is always opportunity for information and insight from our higher self to bleed through. This can also bring abrupt and sudden shifts, which can be dramatic and upsetting, but hugely effective at the same time. It’s absolutely time to finally move forward out of old stuck patterns. Are you ready for the ride?

Gaia Update: Partial Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn – Breaking Down the Old – July 16th, 2019

cancer full moonJoin me for a Group Intuitive Session at the exact time of this Partial Lunar Eclipse, conjunct Pluto, in Capricorn. Tuesday, July 16th, 2019, 3pm Mountain Time. $20. Sign up here!

This Partial Lunar Eclipse happens close to Pluto in Capricorn, bringing an energy of intensity. Pluto in Capricorn wants to break down old structures. In conjunction with the Moon, these are the belief systems and programming that have kept us emotionally powerless.

Across the way, the Sun is in Cancer, along with Venus, reflecting the need for deep change in our psyche and personality constructs. With Chiron in Aries, this is all about being true to who we really are. These planets and the North Node of the Moon in Cancer are saying we need to gently nurture this truth back into our life.

But with Pluto involved, the process is anything but gentle. With a Lunar Eclipse next to the god of the underworld, much is sure to be revealed. It’s time to peel away all of the false games and compensations we have used to survive this life, so we can find the hidden treasures of who we really are.