Aries New Moon – A Fresh Start – April 5th, 2019


Mercury and Neptune have been traveling together for close to two weeks leading up to this New Moon. Mercury is direct and we have forward motion, but clarity has eluded us. This New Moon marks the beginning of a new chapter.

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Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, marking new beginnings. It is time for the seeds to sprout. But we are still recovering from our sojourn through the past, with that Mercury Retrograde in Pisces. Now things are beginning to fall in to place, but might not totally make sense until Mercury exits it’s retrograde shadow on April 17th.

Pluto is exactly conjunct the South Node of the Moon leading up to this New Moon, making the old patterns very uncomfortable. But when you are stuck in retrograde confusion, what do you do? It’s time to shed that skin and break out of the old.

Mercury is in it’s third exact sextile with Saturn. There are creative solutions available in making sense of this world, and our place in it. Jupiter inconjunct to the North Node of the Moon of future karma, says nurturing ourselves, and each other, is the only way to create a world that makes sense.

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