Aries Full Moon – Freedom From the Past

aries ramThis Full Moon in Aries happens at the early degrees, right next to Chiron, as it retrogrades back in to Pisces. This is highlighting the ‘Aries Point’, the beginning of an astrological Spring, and new beginnings. While at the same time, this Full Moon is highlighting everywhere we are stuck in old patterns of wounds and traumas. It is a juxtaposition of old and new, exactly where we are at with the overall astrology, as new timelines are trying to land, and new chapters trying to open.

This Full Moon, as well as Chiron, is in square to Saturn, now direct, but still in it’s retrograde shadow at the early degrees of Capricorn. We have allowed the stories of our past to have power over us, and it is time to let it go. Aries demands freedom, especially at the early degrees. But how to let go of the past, if we can’t find the stories? Expect a bloom of past karma, but also miracle healings and potent messages from the outer realms of the cosmos. It’s time to let go of all that holds us back. For good.

Join me for a Live Activation to make the most of this Full Moon in Aries. Replay is immediately available at the same link, if you can’t make the live event. Monday, September 24th, 8pm MST. $10. Sign up here! 

Join me for a Group Intuitive Session and Activation, leading up to the exact time of this Equinox. Saturday, September 22nd, 7pm MST. $20. Sign up here!

We are in living through a crazy, potent time! ​​​​​​​This Group Intuitive Session is an opportunity for us to come together and be fully present and activated for this powerful Equinox. Equinoxes are exact times where energy lines up for the whole planet, all at once. It is a perfect time for lightworker souls to put out their intention for peace and harmony during this Earth transition. I hope you can join me to go deeper into shared past live pictures, and receive the healing, clearing, and activation that can help us really move forward into the next season.

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