This is a potent New Moon in Aquarius, as it happens at 4 degrees, in exact semi-sextile to where the Solar Eclipse happened on December 26th. This is telling us that this New Moon is the next chapter in the story of these intense times. And there is quite a message.

New Moons are always a new start, but particularly this New Moon in Aquarius as it also denotes the beginning of Chinese New Year. This year we are moving into the Year of the Rat, the beginning of the 12 year cycle of the Chinese Zodiac. With the epic Astrology of 2020, this New Moon marks a gateway into the Age of Aquarius, and a new paradigm. It is also the official completion of the Eclipse cycle, although those energies will continue to affect us for the next 5 months until the next Eclipses.

Venus is close to Neptune in Pisces for this New moon and these planets are in relationship to Mars, Jupiter and Mercury, bringing us a big powerful message about love.Venus and Neptune together are speaking about a new dream of higher spiritual love. These planets in square to Mars in Sagittarius is saying that we can’t get there if we are not willing to get back on our spiritual quest, and begin to validate and live from our spiritual truth. It’s time to pick ourselves up and claim our birthright of a wider spiritual expression of who we really are.

Mercury is one sign over from these planets in Aquarius, asking us to re-orient our thinking to this new paradigm and in semi-sextile to Venus and Neptune, to this higher love. It is what we are made of, after all.

Venus and Neptune are also in a sextile relationship with Jupiter in Capricorn, telling us that in order to claim back this higher love, we must break the chains of false authority, and take back our power.

The last day of the exact Saturn/Pluto conjunction is January 22nd, just a couple of days before this New Moon. This Astrology of this New Moon in Aquarius is demonstrating what this intense conjunction is about. It’s an initiation into the Aquarian Age. We move into this New Age by claiming our bigger spiritual truth, breaking the chains of where we have given our power away, and let this powerful, spiritual ‘higher love’ into our everyday world.