Aquarius Full Moon – Portal to A New Age – August 15, 2019

helix nebula aquarius

This Full Moon happens at 22 degrees Aquarius. ’22’ is a ‘master builder’ number, speaking to building something entirely new. This is a potent message from the Universe that we are now officially entering the Aquarian Age.

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There is a big shift of energy just a few days before this Full Moon. Mercury, after that long and confusing retrograde, will return to the sign of Leo on August 11th, the same day that Jupiter in Sagittarius turns direct. It’s getting hot, with six planets in Fire signs. This is more fire energy than we have felt in the last year and a half. We are being pushed into the light.

During this Full Moon, we are feeling Mercury, now finally back in Leo, come into trine with Chiron, and a square with Uranus. This is a completion of energy that started around the Solstice, when Mercury came close to this square with Uranus, just before turning retrograde. It’s time to get some clarity about this intense astrological journey of 2019. The light is illuminating exactly what has been holding us back from moving in to the new energies.

Neptune is coming back into an exact trine with the North Node of the Moon. It is time to move out of the dark ages of the Piscean Age and clear all programming and false beliefs that may be keeping us from imagining something new.

With Jupiter turning direct, the Universe is saying it is time to reconnect to the Source within, and reclaim a life of meaning and purpose. Jupiter is heading directly to a conjunction with the Galactic Center, highlighting our individual and collective paths of destiny, come November.

With all these planets in Leo, we are looking back to 2017 and most of last year, when the North Node of the Moon was in Leo. We are just now figuring out what this might mean for us. It is time to claim our inner light and let it shine. This is how we move into the brand New Aquarian Age.

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