April 2016 ~ Path to Transformation

Its exciting Spring energy with six planets in Fire signs for the New Moon in Aries that happens on April 7th. This New Moon marks the completion of the Eclipse cycle that started last new moon. It has been a powerful month of realizations and completions for many people. We have an opportunity to completely re-set our energetic field to a whole new way of being. Now, how to surrender…to be the Fool, and allow life to ‘catch’ us in our new way of being.

This is all very exciting, but how to actually move forward in our everyday reality based on this re-set? Mars, our main action planet, turns retrograde on April 17th, telling us we may have vision but we have no idea how to change this life in a practical way. The way forward may seem hazy and confused. It could feel like a let down after this very activating Spring. Pluto also turns retrograde the day after on April 18th, and Mercury joins suit at the end of the month on the 28th, remaining in retrograde until May 23rd. This means there is lots of opportunity for retracing our steps, as we figure out how to make sense of what has happened to us energetically so far in Spring 2016.

Saturn is also retrograde, so this could make the month of May feel kind of slow and confusing with all three of our main action planets in apparent backward motion. It’s a holding pattern that can allow everything that is no longer serving us to bloom and fade. The key to 2016 is moving with the flexibility of the Mutable signs and understanding that the energetic shifting is happening so fast that what was right for you this morning might not be any more. It a time of great surrender, adjustment, and cleaning up.

There is great tension this year between large planets in Mutable signs. Mars reflects this by coming very close to a square with Neptune just as it turns retrograde. It may feel like a little bit of a false start, or falling right out of the gate. But the key is flexibility, going with the flow, letting the constructs of your mind fall away. Be prepared to question everything, like a good Virgo should, with Jupiter and the N. Node in this sign. The way forward is through discrimination.

Mars asks us if the reason we can’t move forward into our new visions, could be because we are not clearly seeing the truth? For all of us, collectively and individually, there is information that has been hiding. 2016 is a year of disclosure and reality check with Saturn square Neptune so prominent. The time is right for sorting out, with careful discrimination, everything we thought to be true. The tension is with Neptune in Pisces, representing the dreams, illusions, and delusions of the past and Saturn in Sagittarius is challenging our reality of the future. N. Node and Jupiter in Virgo says we have to clean it up and face the truth before we can really move forward. What we believe to be true is changing so rapidly, it can make one dizzy to catch up.

With all of this transformative energy, we just don’t have a choice. No one can escape the activating energies of our Sun speaking to us about the truth of who we really are. Waking up is not a choice, but how fast and how smooth…that is up to you. The best scenario is to fully surrender and accept the activation, the new you, the visions of the future, while also exercising great discrimination in analyzing the truth. Let yourself adjust gradually while never letting go of that moment of clarity about who you are and what you are here to do, that came sometime over last month’s Eclipse cycle.

The vision of what is possible is not going away, but may feel like it’s going underground while these planets retrograde and the surface of your world tries to make sense and adjust to your inner transformation. We will feel a shift out of this energy and find some resolution and clarity mid to late August when Saturn turns direct, Mars comes out of the retrograde shadow, and these two action planets come together in a sweet conjunction. Fall 2016 will have great energy for manifesting and producing, a harvesting of fruits, from of all that we are experiencing in this time now.

Adrienne Elise is founder of IEI and an Intuitive Healer and Teacher. Are you interested in developing your Intuitive Skills? Check out IEI’s INTUITIVE INTENSIVE ~ 3 mo. to Certification. Level I starts April 19th! Find out more at adrienneelise.com/intuitive-intensive

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