~Abundant Woman~

8~Week Live Teleclass Series with Adrienne Elise

Tool Chest for Owning Your Sacred Female Power

8 week session beginning October 20th, 2014

Mondays, 11am Pacific, 12 Noon MST


or $120 for all 8 sessions. 

Attend in person in Missoula~Please arrive and be settled by 11:45 Mondays (space is limited, please RSVP adrienne@adrienneelise.com or 406-543-7055)

FREE 1 Hour CLASS to introduce the

'The ABUNDANT Woman' Series!

Monday, Ocotober 13th 12 Noon MST

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It would be a very different world...a world in which once again female power was used as it was originally intended.  This is the most coveted force in the universe, worth more than any gold, which has led the feminine, to become soiled and persecuted. The feminine has been told it is dirty and shameful while outside forces farm this luscious energy for itself. The female body has the power to create another human. Therefore it also has the potential to access the creation power which is in it's true form...never-ending and abundant, as quantum physics has also shown as truth about the Universe. We can harvest this power for ourselves and our world when we activate the creative energies in our life.


$120 all 8 sessions

Mondays 12 Noon MST beginning October 20th

Oct. 20 Session #1~Nature Creatrix~Fostering a Love Affair with Mother Earth Gaia

The first step in activating Female Creative Energy is to connect, in a female way, to the Earth. We contain and make available our female energy when our female organs are in a grounded connection with Earth energy. We will explore and release any programming that may interfere with intimate connection with Gaia, all that lives.

Oct. 27  Session #2~Getting to Know Your Female Power~Meeting Yourself in a 2nd Chakra Awakening

Western medicine and culture creates an environment where we see our female organs as a mechanical, separate, part of ourselves. Most of us don't access the amazing energy available to us in a female body because we don't even know it is there! Meet your female spiritual anatomy in a whole new way while at the same time clear all negative and harmful energies that may have been using this energy, while for you it slept dormant. Examine and release fear programming that interferes with your accessing this connection to your magical female parts.

Nov. 3  Session #3~Power vs. Power~Clearing Competition

Competition is one of the most interfering energies that keeps us from fully embodying our female power. Males are programmed to keep a female feeling disempowered and powerful women are often at each other's throats, allowing jealousy and competition to keep us from spiritual growth and ascension, the true purpose of this energy. The energies of jealousy and competition serves as a check on the lower ego. This class will be an opportunity to explore and release what dynamics may be interfering with the harmonious connection of the female power to the personal power. When we are re-connected to the source of all within ourselves, there is no more need to compete, because we are whole and complete. Underneath all competition and 'lack' consciousness hides a fear of our own power.

Nov. 10  Session #4~Sex and the Heart~How to Make Love in your Heart

The heart is an organ of intelligence, that does not require the brain to be able to beat. The consciousness of the brain is in two halves and represents duality consciousness. A life lived from the heart is a life of 'one-ness', without separation, judgement and shame. The conscious cells of the heart produce a powerful electromagnetic field. The female creative energy can be directed to the heart to heal wounds and activate this torroidial field of the heart.

Nov. 17 Session #5~Expressing Your Whole Self

Now that we have connected with our female power, it is time to feel more comfortable in expressing this energy in a real way out in the world. There are many past experiences, unconscious memories, and false beliefs that keep us in fear of actually utilizing this energy in the way it was originally intended, to create. It is fine to work with these energies in the comfort of home, but it is another thing entirely to bring them out into the world. But this is exactly what is needed for us to be able to fully embody our abundant nature. This is a threshold experience, after which you will be able to activate in a whole new way in the expression of your truth and moving into the life of your dreams.

Nov. 24 Session #6~Female Inspiration and the Creative Brain

It is time to invite our powerful creative female energy to be in communication with the higher chakras. This class is about using our female miracle energy to assist in unlocking the creative centers of the brain. This class touches on deep esorteric mysteries of the feminine and examines these 'forbidden' areas of our psyche, unlocking our creative potential.

Dec. 1  Session #7~Higher Self Activation~Integration of the Male and Female

The focus of this class is to complete the connection of the female energy circuitry with all chakras. True creative energy activation requires a balancing of the Male and Female energies. Continued higher chakra activation invites a marriage of the divine feminine and divine masculine within, grows permission to access our creation energy from anywhere in our by, inviting reprogramming on a cellular level. This will form the basis of a light-body activation, and a meeting with the higher self to receive inspired ideas about how to use this energy in your daily life in the most powerful way to create your new world.

Dec. 8 Session #8~Creating a New World~Co-creating with the Essence of the Divine Mother

As above, so below. We understand we are a microcosm of a greater picture of existence. What happens on a collective level as we individually start to gain access to this energy? Take a look at how to stay energetically connected with other Goddesses and Gods, incarnate on the planet or not...your soul team of lightworkers. Explore the potential planetary effect of working with these energies in a focused and deliberate way and step into your role in the creation of New Earth.

Adrienne Elise is an Intuitive Healer and Teacher. She is also a Classical Homeopath (freedomhomeopathy.com). Adrienne is available for individual intuitve aura readings (intuitiveempowerment.com/readings) as well as distance homeopathic treatment. Adrienne also offers classes to support the awakening process (intuitiveempowerment.com and arisingabundance.com). Adrienne is creator of PORTAL Music Festival happening July 31-Aug.2, 2015 in Lolo Hot Springs, Montana (portalmusicfestival.com)