444 Aquarius Total Lunar Eclipse – The Holy Grail

holy grailThe Universe is speaking to us with this Total Lunar Eclipse at 4 degrees 44 seconds Aquarius, conjunct retrograde Mars. The Moon, The Sun and the Earth line up with the Moon’s nodes for for Eclipses, and this time with Mars, too.

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The Moon’s nodes are about past and future, so Eclipses rule our relationship to time. And the light is shining on Aquarius. Mars is nearly half way through it’s retrograde cycle and just happens to be hanging on the South Node and the Moon for this Eclipse. Mars is our action planet, but it’s stuck in the past, like an eddy of repeating patterns. Can we change the direction of this vortex?

It’s an interesting time, like entering a portal. It feels like there is a big shift trying to happen, and yet we are suspended in time. We are being given a huge opportunity to examine, from above, like detached perspective of Aquarius, what, exactly, is keeping us in the repeating patterns of the past..

Used correctly, the energy of this Lunar Eclipse can catapult you, like instant wormhole travel through deep space, to a new and different reality. Eclipses always bring opportunities for new information and realizations. This is especially heightened in Aquarius, also helped by some powerful Uranus transits, the ruler of Aquarius.

It’s official, Uranus is in trine with Saturn. We will feel this influence throughout the rest of this retrograde and eclipse cycle, into October. Saturn is the manifest world and Uranus is the energetic world. Because these planets are in Earth signs, there is great opportunity for manifesting magic into 3d.

The Earth is feminine, receptive, and open. It is slow, rhythmic, and waits until the right time. This Earth trine sets us up to be a container to receive divine blessings, if we can allow ourselves to slow down and receive.

The Mars way, or male way, is to go out and make stuff happen. This Earth trine is coaching us on how to wait for the right time and allow energies to align, in order to co-create effortlessly with the Universe.

The Sun, Moon and Mars square up with Uranus for this eclipse. Unexpected, quick, and profound events and information are bound to be popping up. It’s a great time to re-valuate who you really are. Flashes of insight are incoming, and could radically change your perspective. You could wake up a different person after this Eclipse! Ground out, slow down, sit tight, and pay close attention. Anchor yourself on planet Earth, so you can sit back and enjoy the ride.

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