August 2016 ~ Re-Birth of Humanity

August brings a great culmination of the 2016 Astrology. We are feeling Mars direct and he returns to Sagittarius early in the Month. With the Sun in Leo we will feel a lightening of the energy.

Mars leaves the retrograde shadow, returning to 8 degrees Sagittarius on Aug. 21. Saturn and Mars are our main action planets, but each in different ways. Mars wants to be a warrior about it and push it through and Saturn wants to plan and go methodically, with a solid foundation. Saturn turns direct this month and then these powerful action planets finally come together, squaring up strongly with Neptune in Pisces. Our collectively agreed upon delusions are what has been keeping us moving forward in manifesting our new world and Re-birthing humanity.

This is telling us to continue to be vigilant to the Truth albeit constantly changing…to be flexible to the rapid fire changes happening within and around us. Willing to adjust at the drop of the hat because far from knowing the future, it is more important to know the future could be more amazing than we can even imagine, if we can let go, surrender and not know exactly right now. It’s more important to feel a resonance with what is happening in your life than to try to plan exactly how you want it to be. We are changing too fast to keep up with it.

This might feel frantic, like time is speeding up. That was one nice thing about the stuck energy of Mars Rx. But now we are moving again, and really moving. But know that time is becoming more and more of a constraint to give you the opportunity to surrender completely and release the illusion of time. It feels frantic and too fast right before you adjust into a new dimensional reality. Here, the opportunity to win your life back from time,comes from claiming your NOW. It’s all you really have, after all. LET ALL GO THAT DOES NOT ALIGN WITH YOUR NOW. Your spiritual peace is your new solid foundation, a hectic schedule was just a distraction making you feel like you were doing it right. But now it’s all wrong. Let it go.

We are in such a shift, humanity, that we have no foundation of Truth. We are at a loss for what the f*&^ is going on??!? We are in the birth canal and its dark and we can’t see. Does the caterpillar know it’s growing wings? We are trying to re-birth ourselves with all this Virgo energy. This month the Sun, Mercury, Venus, North Node, and Jupiter all visit Virgo. The Virgin is asking us to clean up, separate the truth from the lies and re-birth ourselves in a new, pure way…in alignment with the Goddess. butterfly

Mercury has been chasing the Goddess Venus and finally catches up to her at the end of the month. At the same time they both conjunct Jupiter and make a powerful square to Chiron in Pisces. What do we need to clean up? The treachery of the past Age of Pisces. Where are each of us individually still playing out deceit, sabotage, competition, abuse, domination, torture, war and struggle? It is up to each of us to divest ourselves from these hard-warn patterns and free ourselves from the past. We are healing the collective, by each of us individually deciding to no longer play the game. It is big, hard work to go up against this false paradigm, but it can’t last much longer, the fabric of this reality is wearing at the seams.fabric of reality

We have been through so much shifting, but its important to note that dimensional and energetic shifts are invisible…at least at first. We are just beginning to see the outward manifestations of all of the dramatic shifts that have been happening on other levels since 2012. This is beautifully demonstrated by Saturn and Mars finally coming together after a year-long dance. Mars came within 7 degrees of Saturn before turning retrograde on April 17th. This month, just after completing it’s retrograde shadow and returning to 8 degrees Sagittarius, Mars finally comes together with Saturn. Raw action and planned action are ready to work together. It is time to bring these internal changes into outward manifestation…but what exactly does that mean?earth fabric

We still don’t know exactly, but we are beginning to get clues. All these planets in Virgo squaring Chiron has made it clear we need to clean up, our wounds that is, and our destructive beliefs based on the past. The Goddess is important with three Mercury Retrogrades in Earth signs this year.  Mars has been impotent and de-masculated, but only to re-orient it’s relationship to the Goddess. We need to come back into alignment with Truth, Beauty, and Goodness.rebirth of humanity

Mars and Saturn coming together want us to start a new path, but by doing it right. What is right? Well we don’t know exactly, but it has to be in alignment with the Truth of who we really are as spiritual beings. Forward motion is about building a solid foundation of Truth of humanity as an expression of a greater whole, of source, of God. We are God, and Virgo is saying it’s time to start acting like it. There is great energy for projects that are in alignment with our spiritual truth coming together like magic this Fall and into 2017. yellow brick road

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June 2016 ~ Mars Rx + Grand Cross = Re-Set, Surrender

Mars has just retrograded back into Scorpio. We are reevaluating our masculine action in the world, according to our f***ed up patterns. Shit is sure to get messy as we dredge up the hidden past that keeps creating drama. But how addicted are we to our drama?

With Saturn Square Neptune, now is when it all becomes clear. Nothing can stay hidden. Surrender is what is called for. This New Moon is an opportunity for total reset and timeline re-alignment as the Sun, the Moon, and Venus come together to complete the fourth part of the Mutable Cross.

We have to adjust and mutate in order to survive in this time of expanding consciousness. Forward motion must involve cleaning up and discrimination. With Jupiter and and the N. Node in Virgo, we can no longer play host to the lies of this parasitic reality.

Saturn Square Neptune challenges our concept of what is true and what is illusion. Most of us have been surviving by staying just enough under the rock of our existence to stay safe from the fallout of this world. But now the rock is rolling down the hill. Are you going to jump on board for the ride or be left in the dust? Evolution is calling….

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Retrograde Season Spring/Summer 2016: The Only Way Forward is Back

It may seem like a confusing time with all of our action planets in Retrograde and a confusing Mutable T-Square. Mars turned Rx on April 17th in Sagittarius. Mars is our major action, male planet, that wants to get out there and make stuff happen. With Mars in retrograde, the action is within. And indeed, after the massive activation of the 2016 Spring Eclipse cycle, we are are being asked to closely re-evaluate our inner reality.

The T-square of energies in Mutable signs is forcing us to reconsider what is true, false, illusion, and delusion. Neptune the dreamer home in Pisces wants to dream but also can leave us blind. Saturn, the taskmaster, going backwards in Sagittarius could make us feel stunted in the work of expanding our reality. Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius and planet of expansion is trying to sort out all of this crazy reality in discriminating Virgo. It can be uncomfortable to question the boundaries of our reality but we really have no choice. We are having a profound opportunity to pierce the veil and see beyond the illusions of this world.

Past pain and truama is what hold our illusions in place. Mars enters Scorpio at the end of May, shortly after Mercury turns direct after three weeks of retrograde in sensitive, nurturing Taurus. I’m not sure there is any way around a massively presentation of our core shit over this next two months of May and June. It’s coming up so you can let go, so that energy can stop weighing you down. But sometimes it feel heaviest when it is trying to clear. Keep this in mind and hold steady. The next minute might feel different, like lighter and brighter.

Surrender your need for clarity in direction of your life. Trust the higher part of you that is trying to find room for itSelf in your life. We are being completely reprogrammed. We have to allow this shift in order to be able to vibrationally support our new world and our new reality. If you find yourself with absolutely no idea of what is going on, that means you are doing it exactly right.

You will be just fine if you can roll with it, and be willing to re-evaluate your reality and what is true for you every moment of every day. Don’t be scared of the monsters emerging from the closet, it is better to have them out in open air where they can be seen and resolved. Take this opportunity to re-make yourself on every level.

Mars goes direct on June 30th, but continues in the shadow and in the sign of Scorpio until August. So we are going to be in this muck and confusion for most of the Summer. Saturn, our other main action planet, turns direct mid-August. By the end of the summer, things should be more clear. Energy will be there for massive forward motion in new directions. If you take advantage of this Retrograde Season, your way forward will be way more in alignment with what you really want your life to be, a new start.

Enjoy the summer of inner adjustments, surrender and allow yourself to heal, release, and re-set in preparation for the exciting Fall of 2016 that lies ahead.

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April 2016 ~ Path to Transformation

Its exciting Spring energy with six planets in Fire signs for the New Moon in Aries that happens on April 7th. This New Moon marks the completion of the Eclipse cycle that started last new moon. It has been a powerful month of realizations and completions for many people. We have an opportunity to completely re-set our energetic field to a whole new way of being. Now, how to surrender…to be the Fool, and allow life to ‘catch’ us in our new way of being.

This is all very exciting, but how to actually move forward in our everyday reality based on this re-set? Mars, our main action planet, turns retrograde on April 17th, telling us we may have vision but we have no idea how to change this life in a practical way. The way forward may seem hazy and confused. It could feel like a let down after this very activating Spring. Pluto also turns retrograde the day after on April 18th, and Mercury joins suit at the end of the month on the 28th, remaining in retrograde until May 23rd. This means there is lots of opportunity for retracing our steps, as we figure out how to make sense of what has happened to us energetically so far in Spring 2016.

Saturn is also retrograde, so this could make the month of May feel kind of slow and confusing with all three of our main action planets in apparent backward motion. It’s a holding pattern that can allow everything that is no longer serving us to bloom and fade. The key to 2016 is moving with the flexibility of the Mutable signs and understanding that the energetic shifting is happening so fast that what was right for you this morning might not be any more. It a time of great surrender, adjustment, and cleaning up.

There is great tension this year between large planets in Mutable signs. Mars reflects this by coming very close to a square with Neptune just as it turns retrograde. It may feel like a little bit of a false start, or falling right out of the gate. But the key is flexibility, going with the flow, letting the constructs of your mind fall away. Be prepared to question everything, like a good Virgo should, with Jupiter and the N. Node in this sign. The way forward is through discrimination.

Mars asks us if the reason we can’t move forward into our new visions, could be because we are not clearly seeing the truth? For all of us, collectively and individually, there is information that has been hiding. 2016 is a year of disclosure and reality check with Saturn square Neptune so prominent. The time is right for sorting out, with careful discrimination, everything we thought to be true. The tension is with Neptune in Pisces, representing the dreams, illusions, and delusions of the past and Saturn in Sagittarius is challenging our reality of the future. N. Node and Jupiter in Virgo says we have to clean it up and face the truth before we can really move forward. What we believe to be true is changing so rapidly, it can make one dizzy to catch up.

With all of this transformative energy, we just don’t have a choice. No one can escape the activating energies of our Sun speaking to us about the truth of who we really are. Waking up is not a choice, but how fast and how smooth…that is up to you. The best scenario is to fully surrender and accept the activation, the new you, the visions of the future, while also exercising great discrimination in analyzing the truth. Let yourself adjust gradually while never letting go of that moment of clarity about who you are and what you are here to do, that came sometime over last month’s Eclipse cycle.

The vision of what is possible is not going away, but may feel like it’s going underground while these planets retrograde and the surface of your world tries to make sense and adjust to your inner transformation. We will feel a shift out of this energy and find some resolution and clarity mid to late August when Saturn turns direct, Mars comes out of the retrograde shadow, and these two action planets come together in a sweet conjunction. Fall 2016 will have great energy for manifesting and producing, a harvesting of fruits, from of all that we are experiencing in this time now.

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Pisces New Moon Solar Eclipse ~ March 8th/9th 2016

pisces eclipse

Solar Eclipses happen when the Moon passes through the Moon’s Nodes at a New Moon. This Eclipse is high drama because of the major planetary players hanging out near the nodes. The Moon and the Sun and Chiron are in Pisces near the S. Node of past karma. We are learning a lot about what no longer serves us from our past. Mercury joins the party in Pisces on March 6th, bringing forward this quest for understanding and release of the past.

For the last few months, Jupiter has been hanging out with the North Node, across the way in Virgo. Our way forward, the expansion into our future, has to do with the Virgo art of cleaning up, analyzing and the power of discrimination.  With all these planets together in Pisces including Chiron, the spotlight is on cleaning up the wounds of the past.

This Eclipse is also a Super Moon, meaning the moon is at its closest it will come to Earth during this cycle. There is powerful energy here, an opportunity to step out of the ill-fitting reality of the past age, to re-examine and re-define our past wounds, and figure out what they can do for us now. The placement of Chiron in our birth chart denotes the energy of our deepest wounds, but also the gift that comes in the healing of it. Chiron represents both our deepest wounds and greatest healing potential. In Pisces we are looking at our collective woundedness.

Chiron represents the fight and the battle that you can never win. It is time to stop wallowing and decide to get out of the victim loop of wounded dis-empowerment. The only way to win is to exit the battle and enter into communication with the Source within. Attention is attraction and so our life can change dramatically when we can put our attention on our inner power and stillness, rather than continuing to identify in ourselves with the false constructs around us that keep creating so much pain. Sometimes our desire to fix and heal just puts more attention on the wound and it continues to fester. When we can uproot Chiron, and put our attention on the magical healing potential of Source energy within us, then the healing can really begin.

Pisces energy offers a great opportunity to collect with the One-ness consciousness, to feel held as a part of the greater whole. Our society is fragmented but there is one force behind everything. Our lives are fragmented, but there is one Truth behind it all, our never-ending, unchanging cosmic Self. We are all seeking for this and yet it has been there all along, hidden and cloaked from us. But the apocalypse has come and it is time for our Virgin Re-Birth.

The sign of Virgo the Virgin, opposing this New Moon, has been associated with the concept of apocalypse.  The true meaning of apocalypse is ‘removing the veil.’ The Virgo energy of 2016 is offering us a Virgin birth into a future unburdened by the heavy concepts of this world that have taken hold in our false, materialistic, ego mind. Pisces is a time to feel the power of God consciousness within. This eclipse in particular, is an opportunity to feel our connection to everything and and let go of our concepts of some false authority outside of ourselves that we need to pray to, or pay tax to, in order to receive the blessings of this world.

This is the great illusion of the Piscean Age, that there is some outside authority that doles out blessings according to what we have sacrificed, burdened or earned through struggle. This belief system is falling away, as one by one, we wake up to the Cosmic Truth within, that has always been there and will always be there. When we can receive the support of the Universe in this way, we can use this powerful Eclipse to ‘jump’ into our most appropriate timeline, and jump out of the these old, too small outfit of conformity and conditioning, and jump into a most satisfying life. It’s time for our world, and our individual lives, to represent more of the Truth of who we really are. We are cosmic beings wearing a human body, for a time. And this Eclipse offers a perfect time to align with, and  move effortlessly into a life that more accurately reflects this Truth.

Join me for a Live Webinar Activation to make the most of this powerful Eclipse. We will focus on aligning with the universe within, and shifting to our most appropriate timeline. What would it feel like to have all parts of your life glow with this blessing within? Lets find out. I look forward to journeying with you.


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Virgo Full Moon ~ 2/22/2016

full moon in cloudsWe should feel a huge release at this Full Moon, as she shines her light from the sign of the Virgin. This is a culmination of astrology that began at the end of last year. With all this Virgo energy, indeed it is time to examine, closely with discrimination, what it is we need to let go of. But we also need to figure out what we want to salvage and take with us, from under the rubble of the last few years of Pluto Uranus Square. These revolutionary planets are still close in square this month.

We are still reeling from the Mercury retrograde which has shown us where, in all areas of our life, we have given away our power. Now it is time to start the mop-up. With Jupiter conjunct the North Node, also in Virgo, we are shining the light on everything that has gotten stirred up in the shadow of the past, but hasn’t yet gotten resolved. And with the Sun in Pisces we are not just seeing it, but feeling it too. Pisces is about everyone feeling everything.Pisces-Magic

Jupiter and the North Node in Virgo are opposing Chiron the wounded healer in Pisces, bringing attention to our core wounds. The Sun in Pisces is amplifying this ‘cleaning up the past’ process. We are letting go of pain and distortion from the last couple of thousand years of the Piscean Age. Pisces is about our collective consciousness. Since 2012, our planet has been moving into a new, highly activated part of the galaxy. No one is immune to the changes. We are all going through it, even those who haven’t consciously chosen the awakening path. We are feeling reverberations of the collective consciousness burping and purging up the darkness and shadow that can no longer stay hidden in these times of massive upgrades and enlightenment from our Sun.sun-light

We are sorting through the lies of our past but Mercury and Venus, having moved into Aquarius mid-February, bring a detached, ‘bigger picture’, point of view. They can help us see visons of the future of hope of the Aquarian Age. Will where we are heading will make all of this insanity worth it? These personal planets in Aquarius are activating the Pisces imagination. Humanity, can we see the bigger picture and dream a new dream?

Mars is in Scorpio this month, and because of a retrograde, for a record breaking amount of time in 2016. This keeps the passion high, giving us the confidence and desire for connection, to open to the powerful relationships we need to find and clear our wounded baggage. These connections can be volatile and charged, but bring the opportunity to cut through to the essential understanding of our core issues. But the potent growth may be worth the short term scorpio

So be brave and grow, letting go of what is no longer essential to the essence of you. Virgo wants us to clean our house and get organized. We are moving into an Eclipse cycle with the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces, conjunct Neptune, on March 8th. This will be an intense cycle that will bring continuing opportunities for transformation.

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Aquarius New Moon 2016 ~ A Fresh Start

aquariusThis Aquarius New Moon offers us an opportunity to leap ahead into the next phase. We have been on mop-up after the last three years of revolutionary astrology with the Pluto Uranus Square. February is the last month these planets will be in square to each other. Mercury, the messenger, agrees, just coming off of an epic retrograde journey through Capricorn and two weeks of haning around Pluto the destroyer.

We are already feeling a shift of energy that happens mid month as Mercury comes out of it’s retrograde shadow and moves back into Aquarius, Venus following a few days after. This Aquarius New Moon is about seeing a glimpse into the future and examining what seeds may be sprouting after all of the changes of our inner landscape.

Mars in Scorpio is helping us clear away the debris and release the spider-web shadows that of the past that still cling to us. Mercury and Venus are in Capricorn, ready to station into Aquarius by the middle of the Month. We are examining old and new ways of structuring our lives and our society, preparing for the new way ahead.

With Jupiter conjunct the North Node of future karma, the way ahead is about clearing those cobwebs, the hidden vestiges of stagnation that Mars in Scorpio is helping us find in our relationship and sexuality closets. This is helped along by black moon Lilith in Libra opposing Uranus in Aries. Our identity revolution, at the core, is about redeeming our own cast aside feminine and sexual monkey

This New Moon marks the Chinese New Year, as we move into Year of the Fire Monkey. We human monkeys are getting cooked in the fires of transformation. With all of the Mutable energy of 2016, we are being called to be flexible and open to our constantly changing perpective, beliefs and reality. We must swing through the canopy, surveying the lay of the land from all directions before we can really figure out which direction to go. Let the magic of the New Moon in Aquarius shine the light through the confusion, and start making sense this time of dramatic shift and change.

2016 ~ ReBirth of Humanity ~ Slip into the Dream

planetary-consciousness-evolutionSo many large planets in mutable signs makes this a changeable, unstable year. Add to that the energy of Year of the Monkey and we may find ourselves feeling like we don’t know up from down. But all of this uncertainty opens a certain new perspective into the collective dream that lay ahead for humanity.

We need to use the Virgo energy to clean up our karma and find our perfected child self in order to be ready for the Golden Age ahead. Saturn square Neptune brings the energy of disclosure, both globally and individually. The key is to not get attached to one certain belief or understanding because it is bound to change before you know it.

Jupiter and the N. Node in Virgo make the expansion into our future about separating the grain from the chaff, cleaning up our collective and individual karma with forgiveness but also appropriate boundaries which discriminating Virgo demands. This is all to protect the growing child self within, the new cosmological identity of humanity as we begin to learn the truth of what is really out there, and within.

The false constructs of our world are falling apart, as Pluto and Uranus begin to separate out of their Square for good. They completely leave the orb by Spring Equinox 2016, so expect the unexpected, especially with Mars in a historic retrograde allowing it to spend over two months in Sagittarius and six weeks in Scorpio. We are trying to move forward, but we have to reconcile the seeking and the shadow. Upon first removing the veil, we are forced to take a sober look at the mechanisms and belief systems that have held that veil in place.

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Winter Solstice 2015 ~ Message for the New Year

Winter Solstice 2015 is marked by a return of the Pluto-Uranus Square. These planets have been dancing in and out of this aspect, representing the tension before dramatic and radical change, for the past four years. Mercury coming up with Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus turning direct is announcing that this energy is far from over. These planets stay less than a degree apart from exact square for the month of January 2016 and don’t separate out completely until around Spring Equinox 2016.

Mercury really wants to understand what needs to be done to break down the structures of this false reality and is being informed by Pallas Athene, asteroid warrior Goddess and diplomat. Can we can move through this massive changing time in a non-violent way with informed, intuitive compassion?

In Uranus’ corner, we find Ceres, dwarf planet of the asteroid belt, Goddess of nurturing and rebirth. Our identity revolution (Uranus in Aries) is about the rebirth of the child Sun within all of us, the etheric Christ as we claim our light bodies. That reborn child is getting some nurturing from Ceres to birth into a New Age. The mysterious bright lights on Ceres support the theory that there is much more life out there in the universe than we have been allowed to fathom. The nurturing of the birth of the Sun child within, therefore, has to do with being told the Truth. Ceres conjunct Uranus nurtures us into an understanding of the true origin of our planet and species, moving us into a New Age.lights on ceres

Goddess Venus has spent this last month in the sign of Scorpio, gathering lost shadow pieces of the feminine. We must come clean (Jupiter in Virgo) with our shadow in order to create a new relationship with the Goddess. With Pallas Athene and Ceres in the ring, The Goddess Returns as the nurturing Truth and Justice. It’s time to get real about it. Grounded Saturn reaches to the heights in Sagittarius, telling us our work in this time is to pierce the veil of illusion and allow ourselves to go out beyond what we have been told.

Awakening to our new identity means allowing the Goddess to work in our life to nurture our ‘child self’, the part of us that has remained in the spirit world and knows we are connected to All. The spiritual was banned when the Goddess was cast aside from this planet. By learning to love, forgive, and receive self-compassion, we can nurture the magical child within and bring the spiritual back to Planet Earth. We collectively become the return of the Christ impulse when we we embody ourselves as the God particles that we really are.sacred marriage

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December 2015 ~ Turn the Corner

Lots of Square energy going on at this completion of 2015. It’s time to turn a corner. It can be uncomfortable if you can’t see around the bend, it can feel like a dead end. But isn’t that kind of the definition of a corner?

Saturn is exactly Square Neptune for the first week of December, but we will be feeling this until the end of the month. This is bringing energy around the delusions of reality and the building of dreams. Saturn wants us to get real with it but Neptune home in Pisces is non-committal and watery about the whole thing. What is real and what is illusion? Its hard to wake up to the truth when it is so different than what we’ve been told.

With collective consciousness Neptune in Pisces energy involved, it’s about all of us and our connection to all of us. Maybe that is what we are waking up to. Good job Saturn for showing us be grounded in our new reality of spiritual expansion. That shit going on behind the scenes just ain’t gonna fly no more. When we are feeling the all of the one we just won’t be able to vibrate down there any more. Our planet is changing consciousness fast and it’s time to wake up to the truth…soon…maybe this Spring. This aspect comes back around late Spring and is a big player of 2016 astrology.

Pluto and Uranus, although not in exact square, come pretty darn close and by the end of the year are only a degree apart. They stay close together until Spring Equinox 2016. This is one last good look at the corners that may look like ‘dead ends’ in our life and where they can be shifted into new directions until they fall, crumble, or fly into new places next year.

It’s important to keep your head in the big picture game, of the certain future of an enlightened Earth, in front of you. Remember you are here because you want to experience ascension, the path to which might not all be rosy. The skin is most tight and uncomfortable before it sheds. Keep in mind the goal is ultimate freedom.

At the end of the month, asteroid Ceres, associated with Mother energy, comes up to Uranus in Aries. What does nurturing, the image of Mother Earth Gaia comes to mind, have to do with our identity revolution? Have we as humans felt nurtured in our existence? I fear not. But that is not because we are not on a magically regenerating nurturing Goddess of planet. Its because we’ve been dominated and controlled and fed a false paradigm. Let’s let Mother Earth Gaia awaken to her true potential and allow life on this planet to feel beautifully nurturing, the way it is meant to.

We are moving into a Golden Age…as soon as we get the truth about the history of our civilization and the corresponding suppressed technology that is our birthright. Keep your eye on the prize by being discriminating and cleaning up the secrets and shadows of your own life. This is supported by Venus in Scorpio and Jupiter and the N. Node in Virgo. Part of being at the corner is deciding what gets to come with and what needs to stay behind. Oh, heck, just leave it all behind and leap off into a whole New You for 2016!

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